About Us

ABC Awning Company was established in 1968 and has built steel carports and awnings across Houston and the surrounding areas. ABC Awning Company is there for our customers, first-time buyer or repeat, providing the best quality and service available. ABC Awning Company has been owned and operated by David & Debbie Jones for almost 60 years. We pride ourselves on being a family-owned company.

Our trained sales staff at ABC Awning Company are experts in designing carports and awnings to meet your specifications and needs. We have thousands of customers throughout the Houston and Gulf Coast area that trust us. We build more than carports and patio canopies. We also build RV covers, boat covers, coverings with walls to replace garages, walkway covers, porch covers, and storage areas.

Steel products have become very popular in the building industry, and are manufactured to reduce the erosion of metal used in the Houston, TX area. They are strong and durable. One of the main advantages of using steel is the cost. Because of its strength, durability and afford ability, you can get the covering of your dreams at a fraction of the cost of lumber.

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Our steel coverings will also retain its look with little to no maintenance for years to come. Our carports are a popular choice for protection of automobiles, boats, campers, motor homes, RVs or other vehicles. They are very popular with our farmers and ranchers to give shade and protection for animals, to cover outside feeding areas or to provide cover for farm equipment from the elements.

Because we custom build our metal carports, they can have a flat roof with a slight drop or gabled to match the roof line of your home. They can be attached to the fascia of your roof or be freestanding. The post can be put in the ground in concrete or be attached to the existing slab. ABC Awning Company is the right choice for all your covering needs, so contact us today!