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Metal Window Awning Benefits

October 13, 2021

Metal window awnings add a nice touch to almost any home or business. They look great and provide plenty of shade, which is especially nice during the summer. Did you know that there are plenty of other metal window awning benefits as well? Read on and you’ll see exactly why it’s worth adding window awnings to your property: They’re tough: While fabric awnings can do a good job at shading your window, they are easily damaged. A flying branch could easily damage a fabric awning to the point where it needs replacing. You can avoid this headache by instead investing... View Article

Preparing Your Awning to Weather the Storm

September 27, 2021

With hurricane season in full swing, it’s important to properly prepare your awning if you haven’t already. Proper awning prep for natural disasters is essential, as it will protect your investment. A damaged awning can cost a lot to repair, and, in the meantime, you’ll have a tattered or dented awning ruining the look of your home or business. Read on for plenty of tips to prepare your awning for hurricanes. How much damage can a normal awning take? This depends on the type of awning you have. Fabric awnings, for example, usually can’t take much damage at all. A... View Article

The Evolution of Carports

September 2, 2021

Carports have been around a lot longer than you might expect. While they don’t have the same history as carriage houses or garages, they’ve been a fixture in the United States and beyond since the early part of the 1900s. Here’s a quick look at the history and development of carports over the years. The early years When cars first became available to private consumers, owners of these vehicles started to experiment with how they would store them, often going with old carriage houses they could repurpose for vehicle storage. Drivers who were not wealthy enough to have these carriage... View Article

A History of Traditional Awnings for Shops

August 19, 2021

Awnings have been a common feature on storefronts for generations. While the technologies and materials used might have changed over the years (along with the styles), awnings themselves remain immensely popular today as marketing forms, as a way to increase curb appeal and as a means of providing shade to passersby. Awnings became popular as a way to block out the sun while still allowing daylight and air to enter into storefronts that needed ventilation, especially before the days of central air conditioning. On rainy days, awnings made it possible for passersby to still enjoy window shopping excursions. Here’s a... View Article

Top Seven Benefits of Owning a Carport

August 13, 2021

Carports have become more popular over the years as people begin to understand the benefits of carport ownership. The fact is that the industry has made numerous improvements. These carport benefits are all clear when you choose a high-quality structure like those available from ABC Awning Company. Read on to find out more about why homeowners are choosing carports. Avoid the elements The leading reason to invest in a carport is to protect your cars from the weather. If you’re parked outside, the vehicle you’ve put thousands of dollars into is subject to rain, ice, wind, sun and more. A... View Article

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