February 9, 2023

2023-04-18 | 20:44:27

"Exactly 4 weeks after I met with the salesperson and signed the contract, my patio cover and implement cover were installed. Very happy with the quality of work and surprised at how quickly both were erected. The installers arrived by 7:15 and were finished by 3:00 the same day."
July 14, 2022

2023-04-18 | 20:45:02

"I was on the procurement end of this deal, so I can speak to it from that point of view. These guys were super easy to do business with from the very beginning. They kept things simple, but were still thorough. Ozzie in particular was great to deal with. They worked with us on a split payment, and got things moving right away. They were faster than I expected to get the job completed and were good about following up afterwards to make sure everyone was satisfied. Definitely a five star company, and a five star job!"
February 11, 2021

2023-04-18 | 20:46:08

"HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!! We had our first ABC Awning installed on our small commercial property ten years ago. When we relocated six years later that awning still looked and functioned like brand new. We never had a problem with it, even in the hardest of rains and heaviest of winds (including a couple of hurricanes), and of course Houston heat and humidity. These awnings are nice looking and strong, so much so that we just completed the install of four more large awnings at our new commercial property, and we have an order pending for another 16' x 19' awning. We use these awnings to provide cover and shade for our customers and for the dogs in our care in our many outdoor doggie play yards. Jerry is our ABC Awning Rep. and has been so flexible and informative during the entire process. I'm glad he puts up with my many OCD questions. He ROCKS!!! And, how nice is it that we already knew him from our previous awning install ten years ago. That doesn't happen often. ABC Awnings are excellent quality and are very affordable. I much prefer the steel awning to any canvas awning in the market. We selected the mocha brown color which matches our existing building perfectly! Thank you ABC Awning!!!! Sincerely, Charlotte P. Owner, You Lucky Dog Pet Resort"
December 1, 2019

"They more than deserve the 5 star for the quality and workmanship but I was a little disappointed that I was shown a brochure and told I could have ANY COLOR I WANTED but then I was given a plain galvanized roof WITH LIGHT STONE TRIM AND GUTTER instead of the whole roof being light stone as I was lead to believe or possibly misunderstood (I knew the posts and rails would be galvanized. I attached the brochure I was shown which states galvanized steel corners with a gutter and 1 downspout but shows the entire buildings in your choice of color). You will be SO PLEASED with the fantastic quality of their building but just make sure that you read the DESCRIPTION of what you're signing VERY CAREFULLY so that you know beforehand what you will receive! I have come to terms with/like what I have but want others to know about my experience. YOU WILL BE SO VERY HAPPY WITH THE INSTALLERS AND THE BUILDING'S CRAFTSMANSHIP AND ABC AWNING! THIS BUILDING WILL LAST A LIFETIME!!!"
November 14, 2019

2024-03-21 | 13:15:03

"Great Company! Awesome Steel Covers at a good price."
ABC Awning Company