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A Few Things to Know About Patio Cover Materials

September 17, 2018

The benefits of a backyard patio are almost too numerous to mention. A patio is the perfect spot to entertain, dine outside on pleasant evenings or just grab some fresh air. What’s the one thing that can make your patio better? How about installing a patio shade in Houston, TX! Continue reading to learn a bit more about all the advantages patio covers bring. Why install a patio cover? A patio cover in Houston, TX can be a big investment, depending on how large your patio is. But is it worth it? We certainly think so, and so do all... View Article

The Timeframe for Building Patio Covers in Houston, TX

August 31, 2018

With more comfortable weather on the way as fall approaches, many south Texas homeowners are looking for ways they can add to the usability and comfort of their outdoor spaces. Patio covers and patio installation in Houston, TX are a great way to accomplish exactly that. But if you’re looking to add a cover to your patio area, how long can you expect the project to take? It’s understandable to want the job to be completed as soon as possible—patio covers provide you with additional comfort, privacy and a sense of security right in your own backyard, and it’s natural... View Article

Info About Fall Patio Covers in Houston, TX

August 17, 2018

As the summer heat and humidity starts to fade away here in Houston, the weather actually becomes a bit more conducive to hosting gatherings outside on your patio, especially as the football season starts up. Of course, you’ll still want to protect yourself from the sun and do what you can to create a comfortable environment for your friends and family. Temperatures will still get into the 70s and 80s regularly during the fall, especially in the early parts of the season. With this in mind, you might consider installing a patio cover or a patio shade in Houston, TX... View Article

Porch and Patio Covers for Manufactured Homes

August 3, 2018

Patio covers in Houston, TX increase privacy, protect you from the elements, and create a good outdoor oasis during our hot summers. This is true for on-site homes and manufactured homes alike. However, while manufactured homes are often just as sturdy as their conventional counterparts, there are special considerations if you decide to build a porch and cover for your home. Failing to assess your home’s unique features could lead to structural collapse and a big repair headache. Here is what you need to consider before building a deck or porch and installing a patio cover for a manufactured home:... View Article

Factoring Wind Into Patio Cover Installation in Houston, TX

July 20, 2018

If you hire a good installer like ABC Awning Company, you normally do not have to worry about the effects of wind on your patio cover in Houston, TX. All structures are designed to withstand weather, and that reduces the chances of the elements ruining your patio cover, too. However, if you do not factor wind load into installation for those times when it does matter, then you may have a disaster on your hands. Here are four situations when wind load may be a factor in patio cover installation: Sudden bursts: There is no doubt that the entire nation... View Article

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