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Fun Activities to Do on Your Covered Patio

February 1, 2021

Installing a patio is the top way to get more use out of your backyard. However, hot Texan summers and rainy days can put a damper on outdoor patio activities in Houston, TX—unless you install a patio cover! Patio covers allow homeowners to enjoy their patio regardless of the weather. These are a few of our favorite outdoor activities that you can enjoy all year long: Entertain friends: If you’re the type of person who loves having friends and family over, installing a covered patio is the best addition for your home. A covered patio provides additional space for everyone... View Article

How Patio Covers Can Add More Space to Your Home

September 30, 2020

With most of the country staying home a lot more than normal thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are looking for ways to add livable space to their homes. Plus, more young people are living with their parents for longer periods of time, thanks to the uncertain economy and rising costs of living. Whether it’s just getting a moment alone to enjoy your coffee or you want to enjoy your dinners al fresco, the benefits of patio covers in Houston, TX are appealing. Not only will you get more space, but you’ll increase your property value, too. Here’s why... View Article

The Difference Between Awnings and Umbrellas

September 16, 2020

The hot Texas sun interferes with everyone’s outdoor enjoyment, starting in spring and continuing straight into the fall each year. Shade is key to keeping cool and avoiding sunburn, and there are plenty of ways to provide it. Patio umbrellas and awnings remain perennially popular choices. Both come with their own advantages and drawbacks. Here’s how to decide whether awnings or patio umbrellas are the better choice for your Houston, TX home. What kind of backyard setup do you have? The most important factor to consider is what kind of backyard you have—for example, if you have a pool or... View Article

Five Reasons to Invest in a Patio Cover

August 19, 2020

Millions of Americans enjoy spending time outdoors on their back patios. But unless they have a patio cover, they’re not getting the most out of their space. Patio cover installation in Houston, TX has a variety of benefits that can help you, your home and your belongings. Continue reading to learn all the advantages of installing a patio cover: Year-round enjoyment: We don’t have to tell you that Houston summers get brutally hot—so hot, in fact, that you might not even get to enjoy your backyard space! That’s where a patio cover can really change things. The cover blocks the... View Article

Five Projects to Pass the Time During Quarantine

July 16, 2020

These days, people are spending more time than ever at home, and many are finding it difficult to pass the time. Whether you’re working or not, it’s likely you have some extra time to fill. If you’re looking for something to do, consider taking on a project to improve your home’s comfort, appearance or functionality. From cleaning and organization to patio cover replacement in Houston, TX, there are plenty of projects that offer lots of great benefits for homeowners. Here are a few projects to help you pass the time while you’re at home during COVID-19: Touch up your landscaping:... View Article

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