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Metal Window Awning Benefits

October 13, 2021

Metal window awnings add a nice touch to almost any home or business. They look great and provide plenty of shade, which is especially nice during the summer. Did you know that there are plenty of other metal window awning benefits as well? Read on and you’ll see exactly why it’s worth adding window awnings to your property: They’re tough: While fabric awnings can do a good job at shading your window, they are easily damaged. A flying branch could easily damage a fabric awning to the point where it needs replacing. You can avoid this headache by instead investing... View Article

Aluminum Awnings vs. Canvas Awnings

April 16, 2020

If you’re in need of an awning, you have two main options from which to choose: canvas awnings or aluminum awnings in Houston, TX. Which is better for your setting? Review the following pros and cons of each to determine which type of awning will best suit your needs. Cost If you need a more economical option, aluminum is your best choice. This is a cost-efficient solution to create your shaded space. The price of canvas varies greatly, depending on which fabric you choose. Whatever you select, you must pay for the canvas as well as the framing structure, and... View Article

Watch Us on “Garage Rehab” on the Discovery Channel!

March 6, 2019

It’s not every day that you can catch your local pros on television. Movies and TV shows are usually filled with the faces of Hollywood. Here’s your chance! ABC Awnings is proud to have been featured on “Garage Rehab” to show off our expertise in metal awnings in Houston, TX. Why ABC Awning Company? When “Garage Rehab” was faced with a location in desperate need of a metal awning in Houston, TX, of course they contacted our team! Who else could provide a 40’ metal awning that would be ideal for the back of a garage? The structure we created... View Article

Which Patio Cover Material Is Best for You?

January 1, 2018

If you’re considering investing in patio installation in Houston, TX, you’d be well advised to buy a patio cover to go along with your new patio. A patio cover offers numerous benefits, with zero downsides. Among many other things, a patio cover blocks the sun, which protects your skin from UV rays and keeps you cool. It protects your outdoor furnishings from inclement weather, and it helps extend your usable living space to your backyard. Additionally, patio covers look great and can enhance your property value. Ultimately, the question isn’t “Why shouldn’t you get a patio cover?” It’s “What type... View Article

Choose Metal Awnings in Houston, TX for an All-Weather Solution to Shade

July 15, 2016

Are you in the market for an awning for your home or business? Maybe you’re looking to add a decorative element to your property, or you want to protect family, friends or customers from the outside elements while they visit your home or business. An important initial decision to make is the material you’d like for your awning. Metal awnings are a great option for your property or business in Houston, TX. That’s because they can withstand weathering and elements better than other materials you might be considering. Read on to discover more specifics! Resistant to sun A canvas awning... View Article

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