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The History of Fabric Buildings

December 8, 2022

Fabric structures are not just a modern trend but something that’s been around for many centuries. In this article, we’ll examine the history of tensile fabric structures and fabric structure applications and examine fabric farm structures in depth. This information should help you better understand these fascinating buildings and how they have operated throughout human history. The Origins of Fabric Structures Archeologists have discovered evidence of fabric structures tracing back over 44,000 years, all the way to the Ice Age and the Siberian Steppe. They found evidence of very basic but effective structures made out of animal skins held up with sticks. Such... View Article

Five Important Facts About Fabric Buildings

March 21, 2020

Property owners have lots of options when it comes to additional on-site storage space. There may come a time when a homeowner needs a backyard shed or two, or a farmer decides it’s time to organize their tools and equipment, but a solid metal or wood storage structure may be out of the question. If this is your situation, there’s good news: fabric buildings exist! Many residential and commercial property owners have already discovered the advantages of using fabric buildings. Now it’s your turn to get a rundown regarding this particular type of storage structure. Before choosing an additional building... View Article

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