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Prepping for Summer 2021: Catering Your Shade Structure to Your Property

June 18, 2021

The heat of summer reminds us of the need for shade structures to provide relief from the hot weather, as well as to provide aesthetically pleasing surroundings. But what types of summer shade structures are best for your property? Ask yourself the following questions to guide your selection. What will be the main function of your shade structures? Consider the needs of your property as you look at the various summer shade structures available. Do you want to provide shade, or are you more interested in giving your building an aesthetic boost? Decide which is the higher priority or if... View Article

Which Shading System Is Right for You?

December 4, 2020

Are you in the market for a new exterior shading system to provide you with better shading for the outdoor areas on your Houston, TX property? Whether it’s an awning screen or a new pergola shading system, you’re going to have a variety of options to consider. Here’s a quick overview of some of the types of shading systems you can employ, and how they can help you transform your outdoor spaces into something more personalized, private and enjoyable: Transparent systems: There are a variety of transparent options you can choose that will both provide you with shade while also... View Article

Increase Plant Growth with Shade Structures in Houston, TX

February 20, 2019

Plants love the sun, right? They need plenty of sunlight to grow and live healthy, happy lives. Showering them with rays from above will allow them to blossom, bloom and become the beautiful plants you want for your space. Actually, this isn’t completely true. The fact is, shade structures in Houston, TX can help plants grow, too. Why? Just like people, not all plants do well when exposed to too much sun. They can benefit from a bit of shade now and then. Here’s the scoop. Shade Prevents Dehydration Plants may like the sun, but they also need water to... View Article

Maintaining Your Shade Structures in Houston, TX

February 4, 2019

A shade structure is a smart investment that can really pay off. It offers protection against the elements, improves ventilation, reduces energy consumption and adds aesthetic appeal. They are custom designed to fit the space perfectly using the ideal shape and materials to match your specific needs. Plus, they can add significant value to your home. Installing a shade structure is a sizeable investment, but well worth the initial cost, considering the numerous benefits it provides. Best of all, it will last for upwards of 10 years with the right maintenance. Property owners need to do their part to regularly... View Article

Keep Cattle Cool with Shade Structures in Houston, TX

January 21, 2019

Everyone knows cattle need water, food and sufficient space to roam. Keeping cattle cool during summer is just as integral to their wellbeing. Most herds of cattle across the country spend most of their time outside. Temperature regulation is an essential part of keeping a herd healthy, strong and comfortable. Cows can’t regulate their internal temperatures the same way humans do. Their bodies heat and cool along with the outdoors. Exceedingly warm temperatures can result in a serious condition known as heat stress. Prolonged exposure to warm temperatures can have serious and long-lasting health effects. Temperatures over 90 degrees can... View Article

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