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DIY Metal Structure Maintenance: Tips for Garages, Patios and Carports

October 18, 2017

Metal is the standard of structural integrity. When you think about the marvels of the Industrial Age, it’s hard not to picture the steel skylines of New York and Chicago. Those structures require a lot of regular maintenance, but no other material in the world could have brought those skylines into existence. Your metal garage or carport is similarly engineered to stand the test of time, but just as with the skyscrapers, it also needs regular maintenance to maintain its strength. In some ways a building is like a machine, whose basic function is to withstand gravity. Using this metaphor,... View Article

What to Look for in Carport Covers in Houston, TX

July 5, 2017

For the price, buying a carport cover is one of the best ways you can protect your vehicle from the elements while it’s parked at home. Granted, a garage is more useful for storing items as well as cars, but garages are expensive and usually take a while to build. Even if you have a garage, sometimes it’s just not big enough to fit all of your belongings in addition to your vehicles. That’s where a carport cover can come in handy. They’re easy to install and can protect your car from the elements—as long as you have the right... View Article

Protect Your Vehicles with DIY Carport Kits in Houston, TX

June 2, 2017

Whether you own a car, truck, SUV, motorcycle or another type of vehicle, it’s important that you shelter it from the elements and other uncontrollable forces. A few things happen when you properly protect your vehicle. First, it won’t need mechanical repairs all the time, as long as you continue maintaining it. As for the exterior, vehicle paint and windows are regularly at risk for both minor and major damage, including paint peeling, chipped paint and cracked windows. Your vehicle will also last longer and run strong when not exposed to dangers. If you don’t have a garage to park... View Article

Five Reasons You Might Want to Look Into DIY Carport Kits in Houston, TX

March 22, 2017

Even the smallest amount of damage to your car can be irritating. A scratch here and a ding there, and soon, it will resemble a busted tin can. Short of keeping an eye on it 24/7, what can a car owner do to preserve their vehicle’s condition? Why, add a carport, of course! Whether you have a useable garage or only have some driveway space, it’s important that you protect your vehicles from wildlife, the elements and people. But before hiring someone to build a carport for you, consider installing it yourself. Here are five good reasons why you might... View Article

Five New Ideas for Carport Installation in Houston, TX

December 28, 2016

Carport installation is necessary when you do not have a garage. Sun will slowly corrode your paint, and scraping ice off your windshield is never fun, which is why many people prefer parking under shelter. While carports often serve merely as shelters for cars, this does not mean they need to be boring, or that their utility is limited to homes. You can add style elements, and it is also likely there are utilities for carports that you never considered before. Here are five new ideas for carport installation in Houston, TX that you can implement in 2017: Consider unique... View Article

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