Five Good Reasons to Consider Residential Screened-In Patio Installation in Houston, TX

January 1, 2016

Does your house come with a sizable yard or patio? If it does, consider screening in a section for year-round outdoor enjoyment. In other words, take full advantage of nature’s beauty by surrounding your home’s deck or patio with a high quality, visually appealing screen with the assistance of professional patio installation in Houston, TX. Here are five great benefits you can enjoy by doing so:

  • Keep insects away: Spend your backyard time not smelling like insect repellent by enjoying a bug-free environment. Screens protect you and your guests from nasty mosquito attacks, painful wasp bites and pesky flies creepily landing on exposed skin, all of which are no fun when all you want to do is relax and take in the fresh outdoor air.
  • Enjoy nature: If you’re a nature lover and enjoy sitting outside whenever you can, but prefer to be covered, then a screened-in room should be on your radar. Have you ever thought to give your senses a break from the digital and synthetic world? With the outdoors comes the soothing, relaxing sounds of nature as well as the beauty of natural lighting—install porch skylights for an even greater experience with our environment.
  • Entertain guests: Host a picnic on the patio up off the ground where everyone will be more comfortable. From dinner parties to game night to cozying up for wine and conversation, get excited about designing an outdoor room capable of accommodating all kinds of entertainment. With items like an outdoor dining set, welcoming couches and chairs, ceiling fans and a chandelier as a conversation centerpiece, you will be the talk of the town. You can also set up a grilling area right outside the screen and the cook will never be left out of the fun again.
  • Create more space: Maybe your home is short on space, but it’s too expensive to build a home addition. If your family can use more space for hobbies, a kids’ playroom, entertaining guests or reading a good book, consider the addition of an outdoor screen room instead. A porch room creates extra home space that allows everyone in the family freedom to spread out and away for personal time, while also creating an area for family togetherness.
  • Enjoy all kinds of weather: While screens are fantastic for summer use, you must remember it’s still a room that is outside. Since winter weather can create sideways rain and gusts of wind, and because condensation can seep in, make sure to get outdoor grade, weatherproof furniture, like what you would get for an open deck or patio. To protect your screened-in room from heavy winds and diagonal rains, also ask the company handling your patio installation in Houston, TX if retractable awnings or windows are a possibility.

It’s true—you really can enjoy the outdoors again! Nature is meant to be appreciated, and you should take the opportunity to do so every chance you get. For more information about screened-in patio installation in Houston, TX, contact the team at ABC Awning Company today.

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