Five Questions to Ask Before You Purchase Metal Awnings in Houston, TX

February 1, 2016

One of the best parts of spring is being able to spend the day out in your backyard enjoying the warm weather with a cool drink and good friends. But your ideal day can easily be ruined by spring showers or blindingly bright sunlight. An awning is a great way to keep yourself comfortable outside, regardless of what the weather is like. With a metal awning, you will be able to truly enjoy your outdoor space regardless of rain or shine.

Purchasing metal awnings in Houston, TX is a smart investment. But as with any investment, you should always make sure to do sufficient research before making a purchase. To make a sound decision, you should always know exactly what you are investing in. Here are a few of the most important questions you ought to ask before purchasing metal awnings in Houston, TX.

Where will the awnings be installed?

Metal awnings in Houston, TX are most commonly installed over a deck, patio or door. Before choosing to install an awning, it is best to ensure that the installation location will fit your needs in addition to providing the sun and weather protection you seek. By taking the proper steps, you will not have to waste your time only to discover that your new awning does not fit into the space you have selected.

How will the awning be mounted?

Some of the most common places awnings are mounted include the exterior wall of a home or the roof just above the gutter. It is important that the mounting method is established in advance, as it will affect the height of the awning and the steepness of the slope. How they’re mounted will ultimately make a difference when it comes to the functionality of metal awnings in Houston, TX.

What will a warranty cover?

Oftentimes the warranty aspect can be a bit confusing, as different components can all have different warranties. Consult a professional in order to determine the extent of the warranty on each component and for more detailed information about your coverage.

How quickly can it be installed?

As with any home or business improvement project, your new awning should be installed at a time that works best for you. You do not want to purchase an awning only to find out it cannot be installed until after your big annual barbecue.

Is it easy to control?

An awning should never be difficult to maintain or control. Before purchasing an awning for your outdoor space, ensure that the cover is both flexible and sturdy enough for your needs. The angle or direction can actually be changed based on the intended use. For example, if you are looking for a wide outdoor space, you will probably want a flat awning. If you are looking for shade, a 15-degree incline is the best method of keeping you protected from the sun. A good awning should be easy to manipulate to match your desired usage.

In order to ensure that the best work is done, we recommend using the top professionals in the industry, like the experts at ABC Awning Company. We have been the premier awning company in Houston and the surrounding areas since 1968. For more information before installing your new metal awning, call us today!

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