Add Screening With Your Patio Cover in Houston, TX to Avoid These Insects

March 1, 2016

A good patio cover in Houston, TX controls sun exposure. As summer inches closer, insect control will likely be on your mind, too. One way to help slow the onslaught of flying bugs is to add screening to your patio. Texas is known for many creepy critters, and here are four species that will encourage you to install patio screening:

  • Cockroaches: Screening does not just chase away flying insects. It can deter the crawling ones as well by producing a barrier. Cockroaches are everywhere in Houston and can pose a special danger if a guest or household member is allergic to them. You may not always win in the battle against the roaches, but you can at least make access more difficult for them by screening your porch, especially if you are eating outside. In order to deter them further, be extra careful to remove all food waste after a barbecue or outdoor dinner. Leaving them a banquet is the best way to assure they stick around!
  • Spiders: Texas is home to several species of recluse spiders that can leave you ill with just one bite. Black widow spiders are also very dangerous and they love the find the dark crevices available on your high-traffic porch. Since spiders crawl and climb, the screening gives them something to hang onto that is not you. As with cockroaches, it also provides a barrier against them. By that virtue, it will likely reduce the chances of them taking residence on your porch and your risking a bad surprise one day.
  • Wasps: Yellow jackets and wasps make life difficult for all of us. Their stings hurt badly and they are aggressive, making them a serious enemy during warm outdoor times. Since screening is optimal protection against flying insects, it is recommended as a deterrent for these flying pain factories with bad attitudes. Yellow jackets and wasps are both most attracted to humans when there is food around, so screening can help you enjoy that outdoor barbecue better. Screening also discourages these insects from building nests in the awnings above your porch. Keeping nests as far as possible from human activity decreases the likelihood of stings, so add to the discouragement with screening.
  • Mosquitoes: Summer is almost incomplete without mosquitoes. Many people spend the whole season covered in a mixture of sun block and insect repellent just to avoid the itchy welts left by these insects. If you want the freedom to enjoy your porch without being eaten, screening is the best way to do that. Let’s face it: we do not always want to be smothered in layers of repellent chemicals and may just want to sit outside for 15 minutes with our coffee or cold drink. Screening makes that possible.

If you would like to install a patio cover in Houston, TX and add a screen room to your porch, get in touch with ABC Awning Company to hear about our products, prices and services. We look forward to your call!

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