Who Invests in Carport Installation in Houston, TX?

March 15, 2016

Where there is not a garage or other safe place for a car, there is likely to be a carport! Protecting paint jobs from sun and rain becomes important to keeping a car looking its best, which is why carport installation in Houston, TX is always in demand. However, carports are not just limited to large apartment complexes and homes without garages. Here are five places where carports come in handy:

  • RV storage: People who do not own the space to store their RV will often pay to store it at another site. Many of these storage facilities install carports to protect their customers’ vehicles and enhance their reputations. RVs, boats and other large vehicles are vulnerable to sun damage, especially if they sit for a long while. Adding a carport means protection for these investments and clientele who rent space for a long time.
  • Residential areas: This is one of the more common applications for carports. Occasionally the dream home is missing a particular element, like a garage. That is one reason carport installation in Houston, TX becomes a sudden demand. A few days of leaving a car in direct sunlight only to have to drive that 400-degree oven makes a driver seek solutions. Multi-family residences also require carports, since large apartment buildings or even smaller-scale duplexes do not normally offer garages. People prefer shelter for their cars, so the presence of carports could determine their decision of where to rent.
  • Medical offices: Doctors want patients to be comfortable, and for some of them, that could include staying out of the sun. Covering spots marked for disabled patrons offers that protection, along with the extra ounce of care. Whether there is strong sun or even rain, people who take more time to leave their cars appreciate being shielded from the elements as they do. Besides shelter from sun, having a dry place to exit a car while it is raining also extends more consideration to these patients.
  • Delivery areas: Restaurants and retail shops require dry and shaded places to accept deliveries. If a truck full of fresh produce rolls up, keeping it shaded will reduce decomposition on hot summer days. Even if the business does not deal in food products, it is always more pleasant to load and unload in the shade rather than in the direct sun. Carports not only protect vehicles but offer added relief to human workers, too.
  • Auto shops: Covered areas for customers to drop off cars or for mechanics to take a quick look make auto shops much more pleasant for all involved. Customers who just towed a broken-down car likely already spent time in the direct sun. Getting the car to the shop is a relief, but so is finding shade during the wait to check in.

ABC Awning Company offers carport installation in Houston, TX, whether that comes through hiring our professional services or purchasing a do-it-yourself kit. Call us today to find the carport you need for your property.

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