Five Unexpected Benefits of Awnings and Patio Covers in Houston, TX

May 1, 2016

Most people typically consider the primary benefits of awnings and patio covers to be the shade they provide from the sun and the protection they provide from the elements, allowing people to stay outside and enjoy the weather even in less-than-optimal conditions. However, there are plenty of other benefits associated with awnings and patio covers in Houston, TX that one might not necessarily think about.

Here are just a few of those unexpected benefits:

  • Better curb appeal: If you ever get to the point where you are planning on selling your house, awnings can provide better aesthetics and curb appeal. The first impression a house makes to people walking by on the street has a big impact on its value. If you have a stylish, well-maintained awning or patio cover, that can add a lot both in appearance and function for prospective buyers who are going to be checking out your home.
  • Energy savings: During hot summer days, the temptation is to crank up the AC and stay inside all day. However, this uses up a lot of energy and drives up the numbers on your energy bill. Awnings and canopies provide you with shade to better regulate the temperature of your home when your windows are open. In fact, some studies indicate awnings can reduce the amount of heat coming into your home by up to 60 to 75 percent, depending on which direction your window faces. This is accomplished by preventing solar radiation from hitting the glass. Therefore, you can significantly decrease your reliance on air conditioners!
  • Social benefits: Awnings can create comfortable outdoor sitting areas that allow you to gather family and friends close together even when the conditions would otherwise not lend themselves to spending time outdoors. Under an awning, you can share a meal, a conversation or a time for relaxation.
  • Plant options: Certain plants require cooler, shadier areas to be able to thrive. If you have a green thumb, you have a lot more plant and gardening options available to you when you install an awning somewhere around your home.
  • Easy to use: Many people are under the false impression that awnings are difficult to use or maintain. The truth is precisely the opposite. Awnings are designed to fit your needs, and some awnings can be moved simply by pressing a button. They are sturdy yet flexible and can be moved to fit any angle or direction. Cleaning and maintenance are simple, and so long as you keep them clean and well maintained, they will last you for many years.

Awnings are about far more than just providing shade—there are many other benefits that they provide as well. If you are interested in awnings or patio covers in Houston, TX, reach out to the team at ABC Awning Company today for more information about how to get one for your home. We are happy to discuss all of your options with you to get you the exact style you’re looking for.

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