Planning for Your Patio Installation in Houston, TX

June 1, 2016

Congratulations! You’ve made a great choice in deciding to add a patio on to your home. Before you hire a contractor for patio installation in Houston, TX, you need to have a specific plan. Amongst other things, you’ll at least need to know how big your patio will be, where it will go, and what your patio will be made of.

Patio size

Choosing the size of your patio depends on a few different things. You need to think about how big your yard is, and how much of the yard you want the patio to take up. Having a patio that takes up almost your entire yard will save time on mowing the lawn, but it’d probably look strange and could hurt the resale value of your home. Patios that span the length of your home usually look good, but could be way more space than you need. Ask yourself what kind of activities you’ll be doing on your new patio and how many people will be on the patio.

Patio location

Assuming your patio is attached to—and spans the width of your house—you’ll need to figure out where to put the patio door. The location of your patio door (or doors) depends on the layout of your home. Patio experts recommend putting a door from your kitchen to the patio if possible. If you’re grilling out on your new patio, having easy access to the kitchen will make life a lot easier.

If you aren’t planning on having a patio that spans the width of your home, it’s still a good idea to put the patio behind the kitchen (if possible). Another fun idea is attaching the patio to the family room so it’s easy to go from spending time inside to spending time outside. Another fun idea is to install a patio in the back of your yard. A patio in the back of your yard, maybe near a garden, is a great place to relax on nice evenings.

Patio material and color

These days, homeowners considering patio installation in Houston, TX have a variety of different materials and stains to choose from. The most important thing to think about is installing a patio that’ll complement the colors and design of your home. A concrete patio stained a dark color attached to the back of a brick house might clash. It might be smart to consult a decorator if you’re unsure about what kind of material your new patio should be made of, and what color it should be.

Extra amenities

Finally, before you start building your new patio, consider what kind of extras you’ll want to include. Electric lighting around your patio can be very beneficial when you’re lounging on your patio late at night. Consider adding a fire pit or a space for a grill to really complete your new patio.

It’s important to plan ahead in many aspects of life, and installing a patio is no different. Once you’ve fully planned out your patio design, call us at 713-645-4281 for a free estimate!

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