DIY Residential Carport Kits in Houston, TX and How They Can Enhance Your Home

August 1, 2016

Have you been contemplating finding a solution to your parking and car storage woes at home, but don’t have the money or space for a full garage? As a way of saving on costs, you can install a carport canopy yourself, by choosing DIY carport kits in Houston, TX. This is an economical way to add a carport structure to your home, and can be done with a little time and effort. Let’s look at what is involved in installing a carport kit, so you have an idea if this is right for you.

Preparing for installation

Before you decide between the carport kits in Houston, TX that you’re considering, measure the area in which you intend to place the carport canopy. This will give you a good idea of the size of the area that you have to work with, and can help you pick a carport kit that is right for the space you have available.

A carport dealer will have several options for you to choose from and will provide all the necessary materials to construct the carport. You will need a few tools, but if you’re already DIY-incline, you will probably have these on hand anyway, making the installation of the carport kit relatively simple.

First, you will need to prep the ground where you will be placing your carport structure and make sure it’s as level as possible. This will entail leveling the grass surface if you are building on this type of area. If you are looking to build the carport over a concrete surface, you will need to select a carport that matches the size of the concrete pad you are looking to build over. You can place the poles of the carport kit outside the concrete area into the ground for a sturdy and easy way to secure your carport canopy.

The installation process

As mentioned above, all of the building materials you need to create your carport will be included in the carport kit. You will first need to dig holes for the poles of your carport. Use a post hole digger to get them uniform and to the right depth. Once the holes are ready, set the posts and fill the holes with concrete to set the posts in place.

Next, you will install the front, back and cross beams to create support for the carport structure. Be sure to follow the directions that are included in carport kits in Houston, TX. You will then be directed to install the roof over the beams you have secured into place. This will provide protection for your vehicle when it’s parked underneath the carport. Once the roof is on, your carport should be quite sturdy and is ready for the final installation materials that will seal and secure it thoroughly.

Assembling carport kits in Houston, TX is a relatively simple task. With the right tools and some time, you can have a new carport canopy at your home in as little as one day. To purchase a carport kit, contact ABC Awning Company today. We can identify a carport kit that is right for the amount of space you have available, or we can install a carport canopy for you.

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