How Carport Covers in Houston, TX Can Protect Your Vehicles from Season to Season

November 23, 2016

Cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, ATVs and boats—many households own a personal vehicle or two. Therefore, you are well aware of the long-term cost of vehicle ownership. From the cost of gasoline and oil changes to needed engine fixes and more, maintenance is a step you cannot skip if you want to avoid costly parts repair or replacement. That’s why you must take measures to keep your vehicles in tip-top shape, for the entire lifetime of the vehicles. Why not install a carport? With this in mind, here’s how carport covers in Houston, TX can help protect your vehicles through all four seasons.


When you think of your car getting damaged by the weather, it’s likely that the harsh winter months come to mind. All that frigid wind and icy rain slamming your car can strip paint, chip windows and even cause engine trouble. Every winter, be prepared with a perfectly sized driveway carport to keep snow, hail and other wintertime elements from dancing all over your vehicle. Additionally, there will be no need to dig your transportation out of the snow in the mornings. The carport cover stops your car from being buried in feet of snow—instead, all you have to do is clear the entrance/exit area for easy access.


Although it seems safe to leave your vehicles parked uncovered during the spring months, remember that spring weather is typically unpredictable. One day it’s mild temperatures and sunshine, the next it’s sprinkling on and off for several hours. Also, there’s quite a bit of mud, dirt and pollen to contend with, not to mention fallen tree debris sticking to car roofs. To make sure your car stays free of grime, continue using your carport through the spring season.


Summer brings the warm weather that everyone loves. However, it also brings out birds that are likely to leave droppings all over your vehicles, as well as paint-damaging sunshine and inattentive children and pets at play. So don’t take down your carport just yet! Leave it where it is for a level of protection that puts your mind at ease.


Fall brings with it the start of the rainy and chilly season. Ensure your car or truck is safe under a cover—and if you’re getting ready to put your boat into storage for the season, but would prefer to store it on your property, take a look at your carport options before spending money on a full metal structure. Yes, you can store your boat under a carport! You can upgrade your cover with dropdown walls for extra weather protection, and use a customize boat cover to keep debris and the elements from wreaking havoc on internal components.

Just because you don’t have a garage doesn’t mean there aren’t other coverage options—install a freestanding vehicle shelter, instead. Whether it’s that time of year for snowstorms and downpours or blazing hot sun, quality carport covers in Houston, TX from ABC Awning Company have got your car, boat or RV covered. Contact us to learn more about our selection of strong and long lasting residential and commercial carports today!

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