Five New Ideas for Carport Installation in Houston, TX

December 28, 2016

Carport installation is necessary when you do not have a garage. Sun will slowly corrode your paint, and scraping ice off your windshield is never fun, which is why many people prefer parking under shelter. While carports often serve merely as shelters for cars, this does not mean they need to be boring, or that their utility is limited to homes. You can add style elements, and it is also likely there are utilities for carports that you never considered before. Here are five new ideas for carport installation in Houston, TX that you can implement in 2017:

  • Consider unique locations: You do not have to limit your carport location to the front of your house. Many homes have more space in their side yard, or the yard layout makes a separate platform more sensible. The side yard is often used for RVs or work trucks, but it can make a great parking spot for your everyday commuter, too. Consider the attributes of your yard and home, and be creative when it comes to choosing where to put your carport.
  • Pillar, roof and driveway embellishment: Carports do not need to be merely utilitarian. They can match your home or bring unique touches to your home and yard. Choose patterns and textures or even lay pavers under your carport to create a unique driveway to go with it. Even your carport roof is not limited—you can add tiles, make it clear or find a material that matches the roof of your home. You do not have to settle for a plain carport when you prefer something with more flair. Going with a textured roof or embellished pillars will add a design element, as well as a needed car shelter.
  • Covered parking for rental properties: If you own a duplex, apartment complex or even a rental house, adding covered parking makes filling vacancies easier. Most rental properties offer off-street parking, but it is not always sheltered. You can give your property an advantage in this competitive rental market by adding a carport to cover one or one dozen parking spaces.
  • Add a gate: You can enjoy the effect of a garage by installing a gate on your carport. Bring the pillars in line with your front yard fencing and the gate will create a secure isolated space. It will be like having a garage because your parking area will be isolated from the street and locked. You can even add an electric gate so you can open it remotely as you approach your driveway.
  • Consider sidewalls: Carports traditionally have open sides. However, if you would like a shady spot all year round, you can add sidewalls. People cover both sides, and sometimes they will only cover the side that borders on a neighbor’s wall. In addition to shade, sidewalls also provide privacy.

If you seek do-it-yourself carport kits or want full-service carport installation in Houston, TX, call ABC Awning Company. We can help you design and build your ideal carport for your home, business or rental property.

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