Patio Installation in Houston, TX and Other Projects for 2017

January 11, 2017

ABC Awning Company is known for carport and patio installation in Houston, TX. However, that is not the extent of our abilities; we take on other construction projects that could enhance the value, beauty and utility of your home. Here are six projects you may want to consider for your home in the new year:

  • RV shelter: RVs are vulnerable to mold growth and unsightly dirt. They are also tall and difficult to wash, so placing a shelter above them makes a big difference. We can build a storage shed or shop, or a very tall carport with a wall. It will be easier to keep your RV clean and enjoy more time exploring in your RV rather than maintaining it against the elements.
  • Patio shade: We can screen in your patio or merely put a roof above it so you can avoid harsh sunlight or bugs. Many people complain that they barely used their patio before they had a chance to cover it. Make your summers bearable by turning your patio into a shady oasis.
  • Smoking shed: If you are really into your cooking and want to smoke meat under better controlled circumstances, a smoking shed will meet your needs. Not only does it allow the smoke flavor to really penetrate your dish, but it also keeps the charcoal smells and smoke from affecting people. No one likes stinging smoke in their eyes, so adding this layer of control will make your cooking much easier to appreciate.
  • Barbecue pit cover: Your smoking setup may not be intense enough to justify a shed, but you likely still wish you could control the smoke from your barbecue a little better. A pit causes the same stinging eyes and poor air quality, and covering it will reduce those tendencies. Just as with your smoking shed, a barbecue pit cover will help you create great food without the less enjoyable side effects.
  • Playground shelter: After spending money on an elaborate playground set, it can be discouraging when your children avoid playing on it because they find the sun too intense. Our summers are hot and can make the great outdoors unbearable, so build shade over your playground just as you would your patio. The relief from the sun will encourage kids to leave the Xbox behind and enjoy time outside.
  • Additional storage: If you own extra items but are tired of paying for a storage unit, rest assured that there are storage options you can build on your own property. Even if you are not paying for off-site storage, think about how nice it would be to park your car in your garage, rather than use it as a catchall space for all the items you no longer use or use infrequently. We can also build sheds for garden tools and lawn mowers so you can keep them in a more convenient place and free up even more space in your garage.

To pursue patio installation in Houston, TX or other construction in 2017, contact ABC Awning Company and schedule an estimate.

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