Planning to Put Up a Patio Canopy in Houston, TX? Here Are Three Different Types of Canopies to Choose From

April 19, 2017

Having a backyard patio has many benefits. For example, you have a built-in outdoor area where you can hang out with family and friends, and a place to unwind after a long workweek. And while you enjoy your open patio now, just wait until you install a patio canopy in Houston, TX. The great thing about canopies is that they provide shade from the sun, protection from rain and other elements and can keep your patio surface cleaner for longer. Furthermore, a patio cover can significantly increase your comfort level.

(It’s important to note that some areas may have to adhere to local planning laws. Before putting the money and effort into any canopy option, check that there are no residential planning restrictions that can hinder your patio canopy installation plans.)

Which canopy is the best choice for you? Let’s take a look at three different types of patio canopies, and then you can decide.

Freestanding canopies

Freestanding patio canopies often resemble giant umbrellas in various shapes. These types of canopies have the advantage of being mobile, which allows you to move them around to shade different parts of your patio or yard.

The downsides of freestanding canopies include how much space they can take up in any given area and that the broad, heavy base can be a pain to move. A broad base is needed to keep the canopy upright, so it might even act as a floor for patio furniture and other items. Unfortunately, windy days can turn a freestanding canopy into a hazard if it blows over or goes flying.

Permanent canopies

Since permanent patio canopies will become a part of your home, they will change the appearance of the outside of your house. So if you go with this canopy option, make sure you choose a material and style that matches your existing home. Note that certain permanent canopies may need to impede on a patio’s useable space to accommodate vertical supports.

Permanent patio canopies also bring a major advantage: they shield you and your guests from the elements. They block patio sun glare and heat during the warmer months and protect you from rain and snow in winter. What’s more is that a permanent patio canopy in Houston, TX that’s close to your back windows and doors will stop direct sunlight, heat and cold from coming inside your home.

Retractable canopies

Retractable canopies are fixed to a wall to open and close over the top of your patio. Their ability to retract makes them easy to store when not in use, as well as lets the user extend them outward to shade a desired area—you can even consider two retractable canopies for large patio spaces. And like the other types of canopies, this option can also protect your patio from the sun, heat, rain and snow. A retractable patio canopy is said to be the best choice for homeowners looking for affordability, convenience and versatility in a single package.

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