Six Benefits of a Quality Patio Shade in Houston, TX

April 5, 2017

So, you have a backyard patio that you just cannot get enough of. It’s a great spot for having your morning coffee, entertaining guests and enjoying the evening stars, but the only problem is that it’s not covered. Unfortunately, having an uncovered patio space severely limits how and when you can use it—especially during hot summers and rainy spring days. Luckily for you, installing a permanent in-place or retractable patio cover allows for year-round outdoor enjoyment for you, your family and friends.

Are you still not quite sure you want to invest in a cover? Here are six great benefits of installing a quality patio shade in Houston, TX:

  • Protects your skin and eyes: Ultraviolet sunlight can damage your skin and eyes over time, which is why you want to limit your exposure to it. One way to accomplish this is by bringing shade to your patio with a patio cover installation. A covered patio lets you hang out during the hot summer months, while also keeping you protected from damaging UV rays.
  • Keeps patio furnishings safe: Most home patios have an outdoor furniture set, oftentimes made of nice materials. The downside of leaving outdoor furniture exposed to the elements is that its color tends to fade in the sunlight and wear in all types of weather. But when your patio is shaded, so is your patio furniture; a patio cover will help preserve your outdoor furnishings.
  • You can cook outside: Whether you like to cook outside on a hotplate or in an outdoor kitchen, your endeavors can be thwarted by undesirable cooking weather, like rain, wind or direct hot sunlight. On the other hand, a protective patio shade in Houston, TX lets you cook outside, anytime!
  • Added lighting and temperature control: The thing about having a permanently covered patio is that you can install ceiling fixtures like drop-down lights, a chandelier, dim lighting and ceiling fans, which can make for a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor living experience. No longer will you have to rely on terrible and weak backyard patio lights!
  • You get to observe nature: Nature lovers rejoice because simply adding patio shade means more opportunities to sit back, relax and observe the wonders of backyard wildlife. You can watch the birds, squirrels, and deer from a safe and respectful distance while remaining protected from the elements under your covered patio.
  • Create an outdoor living space: An option you get with a covered patio is turning the entire area into an enclosed outdoor living space. This can be accomplished with simple wraparound mesh screen material or with glass doors and windows. Doing this will definitely help to ensure patio enjoyment all year long.

Whether you want a patio shade in Houston, TX for your home or business, the benefits are nearly the same, and a quality cover also adds aesthetics to the property. At ABC Awning Company, we offer all sorts of covers and awnings—including covers for patios, playgrounds, barbecues, carports and even aircraft hangers. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

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