Five Benefits of Residential Patio Covers in Houston, TX During the Summer

May 19, 2017

There are many obvious reasons why you should consider installing a residential patio cover. For one thing, it shades backyard patio spaces and the backs of houses from the damaging effects of the sun and whipping rain. Also, a good-looking cover gives your property an aesthetic boost, while at the same time giving you the opportunity to hang lighting features and decor from above. A covered patio is definitely a year-round convenience, but it offers some particularly excellent advantages in summer.

Here are some of the top benefits of installing patio covers in Houston, TX to use during the hot summer months:

  • Invites you outside: As excited as we are all to welcome summer, the heat can be intense, making it downright miserable to go outside. Luckily, installing a patio cover can turn your patio into an ideal space for your entire family. With an adequate cover, everyone is protected from the heat, and it provides a cooler outdoor environment so you can play, eat and relax for longer.
  • Run the air conditioner less: Your home air conditioning system is liable to run constantly on hot summer days. To relieve your AC, install a cover over the patio so you and others can enjoy hanging outside more. And when you install a patio cover, not only does it shade your outdoor living space, it also blocks the sun from entering your home through glass windows and doors. As a result, it will not be as toasty inside.
  • Saves your health: We all know the importance of wearing sunscreen and avoiding extended time in direct sunlight. Therefore, since summer is mostly sunshine and heat, you should consider a patio cover installation to ensure that a good portion of the sunlight is blocked. This allows you to continue enjoying outdoor activities while protecting your skin and eyes from damaging ultraviolet sunlight.
  • Entertain in comfort: If you love to host summertime gatherings to spend time with friends and family, then you’ll want to take advantage of a covered patio. A cover creates a more comfortable atmosphere and greatly contributes to the functionality of your extended living space. To enhance patio comfort, think about adding ceiling fans and misters to cool off.
  • Cook outside: The thought of summer conjures up images of smoking barbecue grills and ice-filled coolers. But what would you say if we told you a patio cover could make outdoor summer cooking even better? For the avid home cook, a covered patio is an addition that is second to none, because it makes for the perfect area to build an outdoor kitchen. Instead of flipping meats on the barbecue grill outside by yourself while your guests hang out in the cool indoors, you can all hang together in your covered outdoor kitchen.

Whether you own your home or rent, you have several options to shield your back patio—including attached covers, portable covers and canopies. For the highest quality, best priced patio covers in Houston, TX, look no further than the selection at ABC Awning Company. Give us a call anytime to learn more!

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