Patio Covers in Houston, TX Can Increase Your Property Value

August 2, 2017

If you are going to be selling your home in the near future, you are probably searching for unique ways to add value to your home to give yourself an edge over the other homeowners on the market. Those that aren’t trying to sell their homes are also constantly looking for ways to improve their homes, and for both of these groups the addition of patio covers in Houston, TX offers a great way to do just that.

Increase the visual appeal

Anytime you make an addition to your home that increases its aesthetic appeal, value is inherently added, because these changes are visible to all. Although a well-designed cover can add a touch of charm and elegance to any average patio, it is also quite functional. During the extremely hot summer, adding something that can protect homeowners from the sun’s oppressive rays while simultaneously cooling off the space is extremely valuable. In fact, a patio cover can cool off your patio by at least 10 degrees, allowing you or a future owner to enjoy the outdoor space in enhanced comfort. Some potential buyers that were surveyed said that they would be willing to pay up to an extra $1,000 for a home with a cover than one without!

Increased marketability

The addition of a cover can even increase the amount of usage your patio gets, as it allows you to use your patio as an outdoor extension of your indoor living space. Whether it is intensely sunny or raining, you can still go outside and enjoy it all from the comfort of your shade and cover. This type of increased usefulness appeals to potential buyers that love being outdoors, have plans to entertain frequently or just need the additional space in general.

In addition to adding to the value of your home, a patio cover can also greatly increase the marketability of your house. Listing a home and then getting it sold in a reasonable amount of time in the competitive housing market can sometimes be difficult to accomplish. A covered patio can provide a huge advantage and assist greatly in helping to get your house sold quicker, especially if it is a feature that you can offer that a similar home for sale cannot.

You don’t have to be looking to sell your home to add a patio cover to your patio installation in Houston, TX, though. Even if you are not looking to sell your home at this time, but still want to make your house more valuable, you will find that a patio cover is a good investment for the future if you ever decide you want to sell. It will also make your patio more valuable to you now, and you will be able to use your patio much more in general.

If you are ready to make this addition, give us a call at ABC Awning Company, where we have been building and installing durable patio covers since 1968. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and allow us to take your patio to the next level.

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