DIY Metal Structure Maintenance: Tips for Garages, Patios and Carports

October 18, 2017

Metal is the standard of structural integrity. When you think about the marvels of the Industrial Age, it’s hard not to picture the steel skylines of New York and Chicago. Those structures require a lot of regular maintenance, but no other material in the world could have brought those skylines into existence.

Your metal garage or carport is similarly engineered to stand the test of time, but just as with the skyscrapers, it also needs regular maintenance to maintain its strength. In some ways a building is like a machine, whose basic function is to withstand gravity. Using this metaphor, all parts of the building work together to perform this function of fighting gravity.

When your structure is in top shape, this is almost effortless, but when your structure starts to go into disrepair, interconnectedness allows problems in one part of your building or structure to exacerbate other problems in the structure, causing them to grow and spread more quickly, just as an issue in one part of a motor—such as a loose and vibrating screw—can cause issues elsewhere.

Here are some preventative maintenance ideas for metal garages, carport kits and patio covers in Houston, TX:

  • Remove debris: Remove debris such as leaves, pinecones and birds’ nests from the roof of your patio, garage or carport. Then sweep the roof. Sometimes the debris falling on your roof can scratch little metal filings off; you want to make sure to sweep these up as well.
  • Check the drainage: Check the drainage from the gutters and from your air conditioner, making sure that all water is being drained away from the structure and is not allowed to pool. Rust is your primary enemy.
  • Trim the plants around it: Don’t let shrubs and trees constantly brush up against and scratch the side of your structure.
  • Watch for rust: Make sure to treat rust quickly, and to regularly use rust-preventing paint if you see scratches or gouges. If you notice any holes, patch them right away, especially in the roof.
  • Wash it: Regularly wash your building or structure, as fungi and mildew can build up on the outside.
  • Clear off any snow: If it snows heavily, it’s usually a good idea to clear the snow off your roof. Snow seems to cause leaks in steel buildings more easily than rain.
  • Keep it tidy: In general it’s just important to keep things clean and well-tended, to keep an eye on the integrity of your structure and to keep repair materials on hand, such as additional steel panels and patching materials, in case anything does go wrong.

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