Enjoy Your Houston Patio Cover During the Winter

December 18, 2017

You don’t need to be a weatherman to know that Houston is one of the warmer cities in the U.S. The average high in the coldest month of the year, January, is 62 degrees and the average low is only 41! Since we usually have such mild winters, we don’t typically see much snowfall, if any. However, as you know, the last few months have been quite a bit more chilly than we’re used to. The temperatures have even dropped low enough for us to enjoy some snow!

While the snow caused problems for people driving out on the roads, it wasn’t an issue for those of us with patio covers in Houston, TX. A patio cover offers considerable benefit in the spring and summer, when temperatures make being outside almost unbearable. But now that we’re seeing some snowfall, we’ve learned that a patio cover can help us throughout the winter months, too! Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of patio covers when it’s snowing:

  • Patio covers keep you dry: Even though snow looks white and fluffy, it’s actually really wet. You realize this soon after being out in the snow for more than a few minutes. Unless your jacket is waterproof, you could wind up getting soaked, which isn’t a fun feeling when it’s cold outside. Thankfully, a patio cover can help with that! A patio cover in Houston, TX will block all the snow from getting on your head and clothes while you sit outside and enjoy your beautiful white lawn. Let the kids make a snowman while you stay dry and sip a hot cup of cocoa on your patio this winter.
  • Patio covers keep you warm: Patio covers keep you cool all summer long when temperatures reach into the triple digits. Luckily for patio cover owners, they’ll keep you just as comfortable in the winter when temperatures dip into the 20s and 30s. Patio covers in Houston, TX help block the winds that make it feel colder than it actually is outside. If you buy a heat lamp or two for your patio and you have a patio cover, you’ll be good to go in any conditions. It might be the coldest night of the year, but you can still be outside getting some fresh air if you have a patio cover.
  • Patio covers protect your outdoor furniture: Your patio cover doesn’t just help ensure that you’re comfortable throughout the winter; it also helps protect your outdoor belongings. Wet snow and freezing temperatures can destroy your outdoor furniture, and leaving your grill unprotected during the winter can lead to rust and other issues. Make sure your belongings make it through the cold months by purchasing and installing a patio cover today!

Don’t let some snow ruin your winter—install a patio cover in Houston, TX and reap its benefits 365 days a year! Call ABC Awning Company today to learn more about your options for patio covers, and let us install a cover as soon as possible before it snows again.

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