How to Clean Your Steel Carport

December 4, 2017

A clean carport is a happy carport. While you could hire a patio company in Houston, TX to do the cleaning for you, the job often isn’t all that hard. As long as you have all of the right materials and a few hours to spare, you can clean your carport all by yourself. Use this helpful guide to ensure your carport is clean as can be!

First, get started by gathering the materials you’ll need for the job:

  • Dish soap or laundry detergent: The beauty of cleaning carports is that it doesn’t usually require a special solution. In most cases, you can use dish soap or laundry detergent to get the job done. If you choose to use laundry detergent, make sure you use one that’s phosphate-free. Any phosphates can harm the vegetation surrounding your carport.
  • Bleach: If your carport hasn’t been cleaned in a while, you may need to bust out the bleach. Bleach will blast through any mold or mildew growth and help ensure that it doesn’t grow back anytime soon. A mixture of one part bleach and five parts water will do the trick to eliminate any mold, moss or mildew.
  • Hose or pressure washer: Regardless of whether you’re using dish soap, laundry detergent or bleach, you’ll need a hose or pressure washer to rinse the solution away. A simple hose can do the trick in most cases, but you might want to have a pressure washer on hand to blast through any tough spots.
  • Brush or scrubber: Sometimes, the only way to get rid of tough spots is to scrub them really well. Be sure the bristles on your brush aren’t too hard, though. The last thing you want is to scratch your carport.
  • Sealant: Finally, pick up a sealant to protect your carport once you’ve finally cleaned it. In addition to protecting your metal from the elements, the right sealant should make cleaning a breeze next time your carport gets dirty.

Cleaning steps

Once you’ve acquired the necessary gear, you’re ready to start cleaning your steel carports in Houston, TX. Follow these steps and keep these tips in mind to ensure you clean your carport quickly and easily:

  • Start with the perimeter: Before you set foot inside your carport, you’ll want to make sure that the area surrounding it is as clean as possible. If the outside isn’t clean, you’ll end up tracking dirt in while you’re cleaning your carport.
  • Clean from top to bottom: After the outside is tidy and free of dirt and debris, clean the inside from top to bottom. Let gravity help pull the soap and water down from the ceiling to clean the walls and floor.
  • Apply sealant: Once you’re done, and your carport is spotless, use a rag to apply a thick coat of sealant to the metal. The sealant will prevent your carport from getting too dirty in the future, and will also protect it from the elements.

Clean your steel carports in Houston, TX often, and this job won’t be difficult at all. Neglecting to clean it can lead to bigger problems and will make cleaning more difficult and time-consuming. For more information, contact ABC Awning Company today!

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