Six Common Myths About Awnings: Info from a Company Providing Steel Carports in Houston, TX

March 9, 2018

When you’ve been in the awning business for as long as we have at ABC Awning Company, you start to realize that there are a lot of misconceptions and myths out there about awnings. Many people do not know them to be a viable alternative to other types of patio covers in Houston, TX, or simply don’t understand how awnings work or the kinds of benefits they provide.

With this in mind, here are some of the most common myths about awnings you might have encountered before.

MYTH: Aluminum patio covers are always ugly

This is typically a myth propagated by companies that specialize in selling wooden patio covers. In truth, there are so many designs, styles and colors of aluminum awnings that it is simply untrue to say all aluminum patio covers are ugly. There are more choices available to homeowners than ever before to ensure they get an aluminum awning that perfectly fits their design goals and blends with the rest of their exterior decoration.

MYTH: Aluminum patio covers require a lot of extra maintenance

The truth is that aluminum is an extremely durable material that is actually quite easy to maintain. Unlike wood, it does not need to be stained or sealed, and does not need to be refinished every couple of years to keep it looking good and structurally sound.

MYTH: Aluminum patio covers make a whole lot of noise

Actually, aluminum covers are much quieter than you might expect. Patio cover and awning manufacturers have developed plenty of methods to keep these aluminum patio covers from rattling and causing thunder-like noises in the wind.

MYTH: Aluminum patio covers will quickly start to form rust after being exposed to the elements

Aluminum patio covers are designed to be inherently resistant to rust and corrosion. The paint used on these patio covers and awnings also works as a bit of extra protection against rust. So there’s no need to worry about your awning degrading when it’s exposed to rain—any good awning manufacturer has accounted for this already. You also don’t need to worry about aluminum awnings being dented by hail—in fact, you can expect them to hold up better than wooden awnings and patio covers.

MYTH: Using aluminum awnings and patio covers increases the chance of a lightning strike

This myth is just silly. It is quite rare that lighting directly strikes a building. In addition, science would tell you that this is just not true. Metal conducts electricity—it is not an attractant of lightning. This is definitely not a safety concern you need to worry about.

MYTH: Aluminum awnings are expensive

When you consider how long an aluminum awning will last you, the cost is surprisingly affordable. You won’t have the same costs associated with repair and replacement that you would with awnings made from other materials.

These are just a few of the most common myths associated with awnings. Contact us for more information about awnings and steel carports in Houston, TX.

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