Using Commercial Awnings to Attract Customers

June 3, 2018

Awnings are extremely popular in residential backyards or on RVs to allow people to have access to shade while remaining outdoors. Similarly, many restaurants and businesses use awnings on the outside of their properties to create a signature look for the property.

Using commercial awnings in Houston, TX has the potential to help you draw in more customers. To do this, you can’t settle for a boring, bland, run-of-the-mill awning. You’ll need to put time and effort into considering your options and selecting the perfect cover for your business.

Here are some tips for you to keep in mind when selecting a wow-worthy commercial awning in Houston, TX.


When choosing your awning, think about how you can make it creative and eye-catching so people will remember it. A plain storefront is nothing much to see, but a business lined with colorful awnings is sure to stick in a customer’s mind.

Also take note of the awnings or decorations that are on the businesses around you. You want to select a commercial awning that will look different so customers can pinpoint your location from afar.

Don’t be afraid to utilize colors and patterns in your awning, but make sure they match the persona or tone of your business, as awnings can set the mood for customers as they enter.


Having a large awning is a good idea if you tend to have a lot of passersby. In times of inclement weather, people may come running to seek shelter beneath your awning, helping them become familiar with your business and perhaps even enticing them inside.

A retractable awning is also ideal for locations with bouts of bad weather, so it doesn’t get damaged. Additionally, being able to retract the awning makes your building and the space in front of it more versatile.


Commercial awnings are great for drawing attention, which is why you should make sure to put key business details on it so people can get a greater feel for your business. Of course, you should never forget to add the name, but also consider adding short words to describe what your business does or offers. Even if customers don’t enter, they’ll know a little more about your company just from the awning.

Bonus uses

There are tons of other ways to put your awning to good use, depending on what your business offers. You just need to think creatively and figure out applications that relate to your business.

One idea is to extend an awning on your front patio and set up patio seating if you run a cafe or restaurant. This can cut down on cluttered umbrellas while better utilizing your space.

The right provider

If you are interested in purchasing a commercial awning in Houston, TX, you’ll want to work with a reliable provider. For 50 years, ABC Awning Company has specialized in the design, construction and installation of custom steel carports and patio covers for residential and commercial applications.

We can create a custom-designed awning that will perfectly complement your business. Call today to set up a consultation!

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