Factoring Wind Into Patio Cover Installation in Houston, TX

July 20, 2018

If you hire a good installer like ABC Awning Company, you normally do not have to worry about the effects of wind on your patio cover in Houston, TX. All structures are designed to withstand weather, and that reduces the chances of the elements ruining your patio cover, too. However, if you do not factor wind load into installation for those times when it does matter, then you may have a disaster on your hands. Here are four situations when wind load may be a factor in patio cover installation:

  • Sudden bursts: There is no doubt that the entire nation faces unusual weather patterns. Houston is not immune to odd weather, and often the greatest damage does not come from sustained winds, but from sudden bursts. Wind bursts are often more powerful than their steadier counterparts, and most wind damage arises from bursts. Patio covers must be designed to withstand bursts, especially if you are in an area prone to them. This often involves a strategy of considering your overall roof design and adapting the cover to be less vulnerable.
  • Home direction: Winds normally come from consistent directions. If your home faces or backs straight into the wind, it is likely that your patio cover will need attention to ensure it withstands the wind better. Homes that are surrounded by larger houses or located in valleys often face less wind. Trees and other wind breaks are also taken into consideration. All these elements determine whether your patio cover is vulnerable to wind and how we can design for durability.
  • Construction: The way your roof is structured also determines how your patio cover withstands wind. We note the locations of rafters, posts and support beams so we can use the structure of your home to the best advantage of your patio cover. When installation is done correctly, your patio cover will not only be supported by your home’s present construction, but it will also protect it from the elements. Good design results in your roof and your patio cover complementing each other.
  • Building codes: In some areas, local building codes are precise in their requirements for wind and weather protection. Roofs and windows must stay strong during inclement weather, and that is also true of any outdoor features, including patio covers. If your cover is dislodged by the elements, it is a danger to the surrounding environment as well as a pain to repair. By following codes and assuring durability, you avoid fines and the possibility of incurring legal damages.

For these reasons, we customize patio covers to your home with every installation. We must consider the factors above in addition to ensuring that your patio cover is an aesthetic match. This ensures safety and allows you to enjoy protection from the elements over the long term.

If you need patio cover installation in Houston, TX, ABC Awning Company is here for you. We have been in business since 1968 and we are family owned and operated. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.

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