Porch and Patio Covers for Manufactured Homes

August 3, 2018

Patio covers in Houston, TX increase privacy, protect you from the elements, and create a good outdoor oasis during our hot summers. This is true for on-site homes and manufactured homes alike. However, while manufactured homes are often just as sturdy as their conventional counterparts, there are special considerations if you decide to build a porch and cover for your home. Failing to assess your home’s unique features could lead to structural collapse and a big repair headache. Here is what you need to consider before building a deck or porch and installing a patio cover for a manufactured home:

  • Safety: As mentioned, manufactured homes are well built and comparable in safety to on-site built homes. The big difference is that, when a patio cover fails on an on-site home, the damage is often limited to the patio and cover area. With manufactured homes, one failure often causes extensive damage that extends into your home. Covers can rip off walls, siding and even roof sections. For this reason, proper installation is important and often a good reason to hire a contractor for this work rather than doing it yourself.
  • Regulations: HUD standards for manufactured homes require that new attachments (like covers and decks) not impose additional load on the home or its foundation. The only exception is deck covers and patios that are incorporated into the home’s design. If you build your own cover and deck, it must be self-supporting and avoid relying on any of the home’s structure for support.
  • Wind: Even if a structure passes HUD standards and building code, there is still a chance of failure if your deck and cover are poorly installed. Since the cover cannot rely on the home’s structure for support, this leaves it vulnerable to bad weather. Good design from a contractor who understands manufactured homes decreases this vulnerability.
  • Options: The good news is, once you finish your deck and patio cover, you have the same options as with a conventional home. Manufactured home owners add outdoor kitchens, seating, fire pits and hammocks, just like any other homeowner. Once you create a self-supporting addition to your home, it is safe for making your outdoor environment as appealing as possible.
  • Upgrades: If the deck and patio cover is part of your home design, you can still upgrade your outdoor setup. Many customers prefer a screen room to control insects, or they may partially enclose the deck to control the elements. Your options depend on the layout of your home and whether your enhancements must be self-supporting or if they can rely on other parts of your home’s structure. That is why an inspection and estimate from a skilled patio cover contractor is often necessary for you to make the best choices concerning your manufactured home.

ABC Awning Company is your expert on patio covers in Houston, TX. Since every patio cover is customized, we can adapt our techniques to your manufactured home. Call us today to schedule a free estimate.

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