The Timeframe for Building Patio Covers in Houston, TX

August 31, 2018

With more comfortable weather on the way as fall approaches, many south Texas homeowners are looking for ways they can add to the usability and comfort of their outdoor spaces. Patio covers and patio installation in Houston, TX are a great way to accomplish exactly that.

But if you’re looking to add a cover to your patio area, how long can you expect the project to take? It’s understandable to want the job to be completed as soon as possible—patio covers provide you with additional comfort, privacy and a sense of security right in your own backyard, and it’s natural to want to be able to use it as quickly as possible.

As with any type of new construction project at your home, the amount of time it takes to complete your patio cover will depend on a variety of factors, some of which cannot be controlled.

Factors influencing the time it takes to complete your patio cover

The actual construction portion of the patio cover project really will not take very long if the conditions are right. For example, if you already have existing concrete and do not need to do any additional stonework to complete the project, you will likely be able to complete the patio cover construction within a week to 10 days. Adding some stone columns or pouring new concrete, however, will add some extra time, as that concrete needs to be able to cure before work can continue on the cover.

There are, of course, plenty of outside factors that could result in delays, which are common in many other types of remodeling or construction projects. For example, if you’re looking to add power to your outdoor space, there could always be some difficulties in coordinating scheduling with the electrician so that both the construction contractor and the electrician can be on the job site at the same time.

Weather is also always a factor. Fall weather in Houston can be unpredictable, especially when the rains set in. If the weather is too wet or windy, there are going to be some delays that simply can’t be worked around—the safety and quality of the job should always come before the speed with which it’s completed.

Other factors could delay the start of construction altogether. For example, if the approval process in your area is complicated, it might be harder to get the job off the ground. Some areas require homeowners association approval before you take on any type of construction. In other areas, the municipality might require you to take out certain permits and complete inspections before you’re able to get started on construction.

Frequently, this approval process takes longer than the actual construction of the patio cover. Depending on your community, it could take weeks for the necessary permits and approval to come through. But never fear—your patio cover will be worth the wait, and you’ll be able to enjoy it long into the future.

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