A Few Things to Know About Patio Cover Materials

September 17, 2018

The benefits of a backyard patio are almost too numerous to mention. A patio is the perfect spot to entertain, dine outside on pleasant evenings or just grab some fresh air. What’s the one thing that can make your patio better? How about installing a patio shade in Houston, TX! Continue reading to learn a bit more about all the advantages patio covers bring.

Why install a patio cover?

A patio cover in Houston, TX can be a big investment, depending on how large your patio is. But is it worth it? We certainly think so, and so do all of our satisfied customers—here’s why:

  • Stay cool: Sitting out in the direct sunlight on a summer day? No thanks! The sun’s blistering rays make it almost impossible to enjoy being outside, and the only way to defend against them is with a patio cover. Depending on what you choose, your cover can keep your patio totally or partially covered, so you can sit outside on even the hottest of days.
  • All-weather enjoyment: Though we complain about the hot sun, most of us prefer it to a rainy day. With a patio cover, those rainy days aren’t a problem. Covers keep the rain off your patio, so you can sit outside and get some fresh air.
  • Protect your furniture: The sun and rain mentioned above don’t just ruin your days—they also damage your outdoor furniture. Sunlight will eventually fade your furniture, and even a single rainstorm can destroy your whole patio set. Keep your furniture protected from the elements with a patio cover!

The best materials

Your options aren’t exactly limitless when it’s time to install a new patio cover in Houston, TX. That being said, you do have a few choices. Here are a few of the best materials you can choose:

  • Metal: If you want a durable patio cover, aluminum or steel are your best bets. These patio covers are built to last and are easily installed on-site by one of our professionals. The best part? They come in a variety of colors to perfectly match the color of your home.
  • Wood: Pressure-treated lumber is also a great option if you want your patio cover to last for years and years. These can be shaped and stained to match your personal preference and seamlessly blend in with your home and patio scheme.
  • Fabric: Metal and wood are built to last, but they can cost a pretty penny—especially if they’re customized. A cover made of vinyl, canvas or sailcloth, on the other hand, won’t break the bank and will still offer all of the protection you need. These patio covers allow some sunlight to shine in, so you can still enjoy a bit of sun without being roasted by it!

It doesn’t matter what material you want your patio shade in Houston, TX to be made of, where you want it installed or how big it’s going to be—you can trust our team at ABC Awning Company to take on the job! We have decades of experience installing patio shades of all shapes and sizes, so you can bet that there’s no job too big or too small for us to tackle. Get in touch today to learn more!

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