Increase Plant Growth with Shade Structures in Houston, TX

February 20, 2019

Plants love the sun, right? They need plenty of sunlight to grow and live healthy, happy lives. Showering them with rays from above will allow them to blossom, bloom and become the beautiful plants you want for your space.

Actually, this isn’t completely true. The fact is, shade structures in Houston, TX can help plants grow, too. Why? Just like people, not all plants do well when exposed to too much sun. They can benefit from a bit of shade now and then. Here’s the scoop.

Shade Prevents Dehydration

Plants may like the sun, but they also need water to thrive. If plants are exposed to extended periods of intense sunlight, they can dry out. The sun can quickly evaporate any water from the soil that you add or that is left over from the last rain shower. Placing shade structures in Houston, TX over plants can provide the relief they need from the water-stealing heat to maintain healthy moisture levels.

Shade Prevents Heatstroke

Some plants can’t tolerate heat. They grow best in the cool of the shade. Placing them in full, direct sun will result in withered leaves and sad blooms (or no blooms at all). How can these plants thrive in a sunny area? The solution is to provide shade structures in Houston, TX. Under the protection of these structures, plants that easily get overheated can keep their cool.

Shade Provides Sun Relief

You’ve probably learned that plants grow toward the sunlight. This is often true, but not always. Some plants prefer the shade. Some even grow away from the sun. Others have leaves that avoid sunlight as much as possible. For these plant varieties, shade structures in Houston, TX are ideal. Without this shade, these plants would be constantly in search of a shady spot to provide relief from the sun.

Shade Reduces Plant Maintenance

Consider how much TLC some plants require for healthy growth. Shade structures in Houston, TX can greatly reduce the amount of work required to maintain plants. They won’t dry out as quickly, which means they will require less water. They will be less likely to wither from overheating, and create less cleanup from fallen leaves. As they keep their healthy appearance, the plants will require less maintenance overall.

Shade Encourages Plant Enjoyment

Guess who else benefits from shade structures in Houston, TX? Plant owners! Those who would like to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful flowers and enticing aromas can do so more easily when there is a nice covered spot in which to do so. Your shade structure can create a relaxing and refreshing outdoor oasis for enjoying your blooms and greenery.

Create Your Plant Paradise

Could you and your plants take advantage of the benefits of shade structures in Houston, TX? The professionals at ABC Awning Company are ready to assist you. Our experts specialize in the design and construction of custom carports and patio covers in both residential and commercial settings. Our quality shade solutions are ideal for your sun-shy plants and people alike. Contact our team today to have it made in the shade!

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