Keep Cool This Summer by Investing in Carport Installation

April 18, 2019

Spring is here, and summer is right around the corner. With the warmer weather comes backyard activities, like outdoor grilling, kid sleepovers, and gardening. But there’s something to ask yourself doing before the bright sunshine and heat arrive in full force: how are you going to adequately shade the most used areas around your house and property? Get ready for summer by adding a carport! As unconventional as this may seem to use anywhere other than a driveway, carports can be extremely versatile in the shading department.

If you choose to invest in carport installation in Houston, TX to add some shade to your property, you can rest easy knowing you’ve picked one of the sturdiest, best-looking options available. Carports look stylish placed up against homes and garages, as well as standing on their own to cover other outdoor spaces. Here’s what you can do with a carport this summer.

Outdoor living spaces

Not everyone has a covered patio or deck to block out the hot sun. Then again, your preferred backyard hangout might be somewhere else on the property. When you choose to use a carport, you can create the perfect outdoor living space dressed up in lighting, with cozy furniture arranged beneath. Summer nights will be perfect and relaxing.

Dining area

Whether you enjoy afternoon summer picnics in the yard or you’re always up for hosting summer dinners outdoors, imagine how a carport could enhance the experience. During the day it provides shade, saving your guests from having to retreat back into the house to cool off. Deck it out with a stereo system, tables, chairs, couches and a cooler. Install a larger carport so you have room for a food prep area that’s out of the sun.

Play and activity spot

Summer is prime time for kids to have their friends over for play dates. To keep them busy and out of your hair, pick a spot off the back door to set up a small carport. This will make a great space for kids to play games, do art projects, watch a movie or have lunch. Or, if you plan to dedicate the carport area to your kids and their friends, have your child help create a design for a sort of “clubhouse” they will want to play in for hours. Toss in a few bean bag chairs and rugs for extra fun, and don’t forget some fans. Your house will be a hit with the neighborhood kids!

Garden center

Here’s an idea for all you green thumbs out there: if you love to garden and plant, but lack a proper space for planning and creating, get yourself a carport. Carports make fantastic greenhouses, and they provide a shady space to store gardening tools, start seedlings, transplant growing plants and so much more. All that’s required to get started this summer is a new carport and a little imagination.

You probably didn’t know there were so many different ways you can benefit from carport installation in Houston, TX. ABC Awning Company has a selection of quality carport products, as well as the services you need to enjoy yours to the fullest. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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