Seven Ways to Keep Your Patio Cool This Summer

May 2, 2019

Warm temperatures, cool nights, outdoor barbecues and new vegetable gardens—summer will be here before you know it, but is your patio ready for all the excitement? If you love the summer months and enjoy spending time outside, but dread very hot and humid days, then take some time now to consider your cooling options. From using misters to installing a patio cover in Houston, TX, here are seven easy ways to keep your patio cool this summer:

  • Add some shade: To reduce your exposure to the sun while on your patio, your best bet is to add shade. You’ve got lots of options—choose from large umbrellas, pergolas, gazebos, awning, carports and custom patio covers to shield your outdoor space from harmful UV rays.
  • Use natural shade: Natural shade means planting shade trees nearby or placing them in pots around your patio. But you must place trees strategically in certain areas or add climbing vines on trellises that trail above your patio for them to be effective. Since you want the trees, vines and other shade plants you choose to protect you from sun exposure, be sure they can survive in the sun and extreme heat.
  • Install blinds or screens: Another way to get patio shade in Houston, TX is to screen it in or install outdoor blinds. Screens and blinds are great additions to patio covers and gazebos, as there are frames you can attach them to. Make sure you get screens that offer UV protection and choose blinds that are made for outdoor use so they are able to withstand the elements.
  • Paint the patio: Did you know that painting your patio a bright color can help to keep your space cooler? In fact, painting a patio floor is a fast way to shield your space against hot light. (This is in comparison to bare concrete patios.) Choose bright colors like white to reflect sunlight.
  • Install fans: Warm days call for fans. Ceiling fans or standard fans can help circulate the air around your patio, bringing relief to everyone sitting in a hot or humid environment. If you have a covered or enclosed patio, ceiling fans can create a breezy, windy effect.
  • Get misting fans: Another fan option comes with an added bonus: mist! Misting fans work similar to regular fans except they blow a fine mist of water in the direction that they point. In addition to producing a cool mist, a misting fan also works as a humidifier, making it ideal for outdoor use in dry climates. There are two options: those with a built-in water source or those that require a connection to a water source. You will love misting fans on warm summer days and nights.
  • Choose breathable patio furniture: Consider the type of patio furniture materials. Wood-framed pieces and some thicker seating pads can heat up quicker than others. To stay cool, look at furniture made of wicker and get breathable, lightweight and moisture-proof padding.

If you need help choosing and installing a new backyard patio cover in Houston, TX this summer, don’t hesitate to contact the team at ABC Awning Company.

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