Convert Your Carport Into a Garage with ABC Awning Company

June 19, 2019

Have you ever looked out at your carport during a storm or high winds and wished it were an enclosed garage? Or, have you wanted a space that was completely protected from the elements to use as a workshop? You may be able to convert your carport into an enclosed garage with the help of a garage conversion in Houston TX from ABC Awning Company.

Many carports can be converted into a garage as long as the carport is made of high quality, strong materials. Follow these steps for an easy carport conversion in Houston, TX.

Before Starting a Carport Conversion in Houston, TX

Before you begin cutting frames or installing garage doors on your carport, you’ll want to make sure it’s possible to convert your carport to a garage. The first step is to look at the structure and determine if the size is right for your needs. Most two-car garages are 18’6” wide, while a one-car garage should be at least 10’ wide.

In addition to checking the size of your carport, you’ll need to check with your local HOA or building code requirements to ensure your garage conversion in Houston, TX is allowed. Once you have any necessary building permits in place, you can begin to plan your carport-to-garage conversion.

Add Walls and Access Doors

The biggest difference between a carport and garage is the lack of walls. When converting a carport into an enclosed garage, most of the project involves installing walls. Start by framing your walls with lumber, making sure that you use pressure-treated lumber on the bottom of the wall frame. You should also add a covering along the bottom to help reduce contact with the damp ground. This is to help reduce rot or damage resulting from contact with moisture.

Once you’ve created the walls, you need to consider doors and windows. You won’t want a garage that has little to no light, so adding windows and an access door is important. Add frames for an access door and any windows you want to have in your garage walls.

Install a Garage Door

One of the most important parts of your carport conversion in Houston, TX is the use of your carport as an enclosed garage. This means you’ll need to install a garage door to be able to access the space with vehicles. Before you begin installing the garage door, make sure the slope out of your proposed garage door placement is adequate to move any water or liquids out of the garage and towards the street.

After you’ve ensured proper drainage, you can choose what type of garage door you want for your garage conversion in Houston, TX. Decide if you want to install a motorized garage door with an opener, or if you’re okay with opening and closing the door manually. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to properly frame and install your garage door.

Schedule a Garage Conversion in Houston, TX

With a little work and some help from ABC Awning Company, you can convert your carport into the enclosed garage of your dreams. Give us a call to get started today.

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