Start Your Business Out of a Commercial Garage

July 3, 2019

Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Has a lack of space or the cost of commercial real estate been a large factor that’s holding you back from doing so? Consider using a commercial garage conversion in Houston, TX to get your business off the ground.

Converting a carport or garage space into a storage space and office for your new business can help reduce costs while you get your business up and running. See why starting a business from a commercial garage is a great choice.

Why do You Need Commercial Space for Your Business?

Whenever you start a business, you need space for managing inventory, completing customer orders and doing the day-to-day administrative work of running the business. Commercial garages also provide the flexibility your new business needs. As your business changes, you won’t be required to renew a lease for office space or decide if you need to expand to a bigger storage unit.

Cost Savings with a Commercial Garage

Commercial real estate is likely too expensive for a startup business to purchase. Most commercial buildings on the market are also larger than most startup businesses require, at least at first. Even renting an office space may set you back thousands of dollars a month.

You could store your inventory or office supplies in monthly rented storage space. The drawback is that this is still an expensive option. Storage rentals can cost almost as much as renting office space or a retail location. Additionally, a storage unit doesn’t give you the flexibility to customize your space to meet your changing business needs.

On the other hand, you can save significant money by completing a commercial garage conversion in Houston, TX instead of looking for rented office space. A commercial garage is generally less expensive than renting an office or retail space. You’ll also be able to customize your commercial garage into the perfect space for your business.

Plan for Expansion and Growth

A commercial garage makes a great place to start a business so that you have room for growth. Tiny rented offices or storage units can’t provide the space you need to take on more inventory or add employees. A commercial garage, however, can be converted into part office space, part warehouse and part whatever storage or retail space your business needs.

If you plan to eventually scale your business to a larger location, you can still benefit from your existing converted commercial garage. In addition to using the commercial garage for your own storage or warehousing needs, you can potentially rent out the commercial garage space you don’t need to earn extra income.

Start Your Business with Commercial Garage Conversion in Houston, TX

Taking the leap to start a business is an exciting endeavor. In order to make your business successful, you need to reduce operating costs where possible. Converting a commercial garage or carport into your office, design or warehousing space is a great way to lower your business costs and plan for growth. Give ABC Awning Company a call today to get started converting a commercial garage into the ideal business space.

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