Super Termites Are Coming—Replace Wood with Steel Structures in Houston, TX Now

July 19, 2019

What is currently protecting your car, boat or other outdoor toys? Is it a wooden structure? We have bad news for you. This structure might not offer protection for long. There’s a new threat on the horizon to all wooden structures: super termites are coming. To survive this infestation, we recommend switching to steel structures in Houston, TX.

What exactly are super termites? Here’s the scoop on this new breed of nasty bug and how you can avoid their destructive behavior.

What Are They?

Currently eating their way through Florida, these super bugs could easily spread through the south and make their way to Texas. These termites are a subterranean Asian species of the insect. They are considered “super” because the colonies work in unison to chew at an amazing rate. They can work for 24 hours straight and can chew a full pound of wood in just one day. Some reports indicate that these termites can even eat through concrete.

With such destructive power, super termites pose a significant threat to wooden structures. Once they dig into a wooden feast, it’s difficult to eradicate them.


The best approach to super termites is a proactive one. Rather than wait for them to find your tasty wooden treats, install steel structures in Houston, TX. If you have a wooden carport, replace it now with a steel option. If you’re considering the installation of an awning or other covering, choose steel. By eliminating the lure of wood, you’ll avoid the infestation of these destructive creatures.


Which steel structures in Houston, TX are best for your needs? There’s good news: you can customize steel carports and covers to suit your setting. ABC Awning Company specializes in the design and construction of custom steel carports and patio covers. We offer strong, durable awnings and carports for commercial and residential settings that will not succumb to the appetite of the super termite.

Why Invest in a Steel Structure in Houston, TX?

As you consider your options for carports and covers, keep in mind the following advantages of steel structures in Houston, TX:

  • Customization: It doesn’t matter what size you need. Steel structures in Houston, TX are fully customizable to work with the space you have and the coverage you desire.
  • Protection: Your steel carport will protect your vehicle or other property from damaging elements. From fallen limbs to UV rays, the steel will provide the solid, reliable protection you desire to make your investments last. If you choose a large enough carport, you can double its use as a shaded workshop or lounge space. You can relax and enjoy your carport, knowing it will not be susceptible to super termites.

Stop the Infestation Before It Starts

Want to take away the welcome sign for super termites? Replace wooden structures with steel structures in Houston, TX as soon as you’re able to do so. Contact the team at ABC Awning Company to review your options. Our knowledgeable staff can help you design the ideal, termite-free structure for your setting.

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