Top Reasons to Build a Carport Garage in Houston, TX

October 4, 2019

Cars are not cheap investments. Whether purchased brand new or used, a car costs thousands of dollars. Along with the initial upfront costs, you might have payments for months thereafter (if you have an auto loan), and there will be regular maintenance needs like oil changes, repairs and parts replacement. Also, keep in mind that all types of vehicles are vulnerable to normal wear and tear, especially if they are exposed to the elements. If your house doesn’t have a garage or lacks enough garage space for all your vehicles, you should consider installing a carport garage.

Carport garages are simple-looking structures that you park your car underneath to protect it from year-round elements, such as harmful UV rays and hail. Because a carport is a type of shelter, using one can extend the lifespan of your car, truck or SUV and reduce your maintenance costs. Read on to learn more! Below are the top four reasons to build a carport garage in Houston, TX.


Since carport garages have solid roofs, they provide added protection for your vehicles. They shelter cars against rain, sunlight, snow, hail and other elements in your area, as well as falling debris. Also, depending on weather conditions, you can store other kinds of vehicles underneath, including bicycles, motorcycles, ATVs, boats and more. Don’t hesitate to talk to a carport installer about customizing a structure to accommodate your unique vehicle storage needs.


A traditional garage can be very expensive to add onto a house. It will take time to build, and labor costs can add up quickly. An actual garage will need walls, a garage door, electricity and regular upkeep—all of which are things not required for a carport garage. A carport is a much simpler design that’s quick to install, as all the installer needs to do is anchor metal posts to the ground and put a roof on top of them. Carports are strong and durable as long as the posts are secured firmly in the ground.


Unless you have a large garage or only park one vehicle inside it, maneuvering around the space and carrying things from the car to the house can get challenging. Carports don’t have walls or doors. Instead, they have a convenient open design that allows you to come and go as you please without hassle. No more squeezing between your car and the wall to get groceries inside!


Some people want a house with an attached or detached garage, while others prefer more indoor living space to having a shelter for their car. However, potential homebuyers may see having a garage as a beneficial home feature and be willing to pay more for a home that has one. If you’re planning to sell a house without a garage, it may be worth it to add an affordable carport to boost the value of your property.

As you can see, building a carport garage in Houston, TX has many excellent advantages. Call ABC Awning Company today to learn more about carport installation!

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