Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Backyard Buildings

November 19, 2019

Looking for some extra storage on your property? An additional small building in your backyard, such as a steel shed in Houston, TX, could be the perfect option for storing gardening equipment, patio accessories, lawn mowers and other such items while freeing up additional space in your garage.

There are a lot of different options that are available to you should you decide to add an extra building to your backyard. Here’s some information to help you guide you in your process of choosing the type of building that’s right for your needs:

  • Consider what you’ll be storing: The items you intend to store in the building will influence the kind of building you select. Take an inventory of all the items you store in your garage and would store in your shed if you had one. Consider their size, as well as their value and how important it is to keep them protected from the elements. The number and type of items you select will determine the kind of building, its size and its materials.
  • Select the material: There are several types of materials that are commonly used for backyard buildings. You can purchase pre-fabricated steel sheds, fabric outbuildings and plastic or vinyl structures. Fabric is ideal if you’re looking for a convenient, portable storage solution that’s both durable and affordable. Their waterproof covers and steel frames make them both durable and easily movable. Steel and plastic/vinyl sheds are better options if you intend for the shed to permanently remain in the same place. Both are strong, durable solutions that protect against the elements and against pests and rot. All options will come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs.
  • Size: You’ll find a variety of options both large and small to ensure you’re able to fulfill your needs. Smaller, more compact options are ideal for storing shovels and gardening equipment. You’ll want to make sure you have rust-resistant door handles, proper thickness and strength and vents for air circulation. There are also larger options available, which you might consider using as a workspace or extra storage for larger items or additional items. Your selection here will depend primarily on what you want to store. If you’re looking to store another vehicle, then you’ll select a different type of building than if you were looking to build out a workshop.
  • Price: Of course, price shouldn’t be the only factor you consider when selecting a new outdoor building to put on your property, but it’s definitely going to be something you’ll want to keep in mind. Consider the budget you have to work with, and find the best option available that meets your storage and durability needs at a price you can afford.

For more information about how you can choose the right type of outdoor backyard building to meet your needs, we encourage you to contact ABC Awning Company today and we’ll be happy to show you our selection of steel sheds in Houston, TX.

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