Is a Porch Enclosure Right for Your Home?

April 15, 2020

With homeowners looking to spend more time enjoying their backyard space and less time cooped up indoors, it makes sense that porch enclosures are becoming increasingly popular across the country. This post will cover the different types of porch enclosures and the benefits of setting up a porch enclosure in Houston, TX at your home:

  • Screened-in porch: As the name suggests, there’s nothing but a screen separating your porch from your backyard if you choose to install a screened-in porch. These are a cost-effective option, and great for warm Texas days when you want to get some fresh air but escape the biting bugs.
  • Three-season rooms: Instead of just setting up a screen, a three-season room encloses your porch with a wall of sliding glass doors or windows. A three-season room provides more protection during rainstorms than a screened-in porch, so you can utilize it regardless of what Mother Nature is doing.
  • Patio rooms: The most expensive—but arguably most useful—type of enclosure is a patio room. A patio room is an insulated extension of your home that is just as comfortable as any other room inside. Plus, it has the added benefit of massive glass windows that let in tons of sunlight.

Benefits of a porch enclosure

All of the different porch enclosures mentioned above have their advantages. These are just a few of them:

  • Expanded living space: Do you ever feel like you just need more indoor space but don’t have the budget to add a room onto your home? Then consider investing in a porch enclosure in Houston, TX! A three-season room gives you tons of extra space without the costly construction price tag.
  • More outdoor comfort: Sipping a refreshing beverage on the back patio is a great way to end each day. The only problem is those pesky insects! Instead of constantly applying bug spray, keep them at bay by setting up a screened enclosure around your back patio.
  • All-weather enjoyment: Nothing puts a damper on a party quite like a sudden rainstorm. Luckily for homeowners with a porch enclosure, nasty weather isn’t an issue. Bad weather has never put an end to a party for homeowners with a screened-in patio, three-season enclosure or a patio room.
  • Added value: If you’re thinking about selling your home anytime soon, consider adding an enclosure to your backyard space. Enclosures add tons of value to your home without breaking the bank on construction costs. On top of that, an enclosed porch will make your house more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Reduced maintenance: Sweeping and cleaning a dirty outdoor patio isn’t the worst household chore, but it certainly isn’t much fun. The best way to eliminate a lot of that work is to set up an enclosure. You won’t have to worry about dirt, dust, debris or any other grime if the area is screened-in and covered.

Whether you’re looking to add a porch enclosure in Houston, TX to expand your living space or to entertain friends and family throughout the year, be sure to hire the team at ABC Awning Company to install it! Years of industry experience and competitive installation rates make us your number one choice.

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