How Adding a Carport Can Add Value to Your Property

July 16, 2020

The summer season is the perfect time to invest in value-boosting projects for your home. Regardless of whether or not you plan to list your property for sale in the near future, these jobs make your abode more inviting to your family and those potentially interested in buying. Many people will advise you to renovate your kitchen or update the bathrooms, but a residential carport installation in Houston, TX can make a real difference for you or to the person who wants to purchase your house.

Built to match any aesthetic

There is a common misconception that carports are only available in standardized, prefabricated models that will look out of place on your property. In fact, just the opposite is true—a residential carport installation in Houston, TX can be customized to perfectly blend in with your home’s current design style.

Furnish it to sell

If you had a beautiful outdoor space that offered shade and coverage from the rain, how would you use it? Maybe as a cozy picnic spot. Possibly make it the place where you store your boat, motorcycle or other recreational vehicle. Consider who your target audience is and show them how much functionality a carport adds to a home.

For those listing their home on the market, you can stage the carport as an outdoor entertaining venue with a lovely table, chairs and maybe even a grill to really sell it. Another idea is to borrow from a friend or rent from a local business a vehicle that is regularly used for popular recreational activities in your area. If you live near a lake, ask your neighbor if they would be comfortable parking their boat in your carport. Get creative with it to close the deal.

Less upfront investment

If your property doesn’t have a garage or a carport, you are probably really interested in having one added, either for personal use or to increase its curb appeal for sale. Putting in a permanent carport, either attached to your home or detached, takes less time and money to complete than any type of garage. Even the most expensive carport installations do not compare to the cost of a decent quality garage.

A garage is a complicated build because there are a lot of mechanisms at play. You, of course, want it completed with minimal construction issues. But you also have to consider the kind of door(s) you’ll want and which openers work best. Are you going to integrate the garage machinery into a smart home system? All of these things add up to lots of money and more time spent finishing the project. A carport is so much simpler than a garage but still offers so much value and function.

If you want a quick and budget-friendly way to increase the value of your home, consider your carport options. Our family owned and operated business has worked with families just like yours for more than 50 years, and we are prepared to help you find the right carport for your home. Learn more about a residential carport installation in Houston, TX for your house by contacting ABC Awning Company today!

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