Five Reasons to Invest in a Patio Cover

August 19, 2020

Millions of Americans enjoy spending time outdoors on their back patios. But unless they have a patio cover, they’re not getting the most out of their space. Patio cover installation in Houston, TX has a variety of benefits that can help you, your home and your belongings. Continue reading to learn all the advantages of installing a patio cover:

  • Year-round enjoyment: We don’t have to tell you that Houston summers get brutally hot—so hot, in fact, that you might not even get to enjoy your backyard space! That’s where a patio cover can really change things. The cover blocks the sun and other elements, ensuring you can spend all kinds of time on your patio.
  • Patio furniture protection: Unless you bring your furniture inside when it’s not in use—which is a hassle—your furniture isn’t going to last for very long before it starts fading, rusting or rotting due to the elements. That’s where a patio cover comes into play. A patio cover blocks harmful UV rays, rain, hail and whatever else Mother Nature throws at your furniture.
  • Cool your home: If your patio is attached to your home and next to windows, a patio cover can help reduce your indoor air temperature. The patio cover will block out a ton of sunlight, effectively cooling your home and helping to lower your energy bill.
  • Improve patio appearance: The right patio cover will often make your outdoor space look better. Patio covers in Houston, TX come in all different designs, colors and materials, so you can pick the one that best complements your patio and your house.
  • Increase resale value: If you’re planning on selling your house anytime soon, consider investing in a patio cover! For all of the reasons mentioned above, buyers may be willing to pay more for a house that already has a patio cover in place.

DIY or professional installation?

With the right tools and materials, any homeowner could theoretically set up their own patio cover. That said, we generally don’t recommend it. These are the reasons to choose a professional to complete your patio cover installation in Houston, TX:

  • Time: Installing a patio cover isn’t the most time-consuming project. However, you certainly have better ways to spend your time off than setting up a patio cover! Let a professional install your cover while you kick back and relax.
  • Cost: Many people assume that DIY-ing is a cost-saving alternative to hiring a professional. While that may be true in some cases, it’s not when it comes to patio cover installation. A professional can get the necessary materials cheaper than a DIY-er can, and he already has the right tools for the job.
  • End results: Unfortunately, many DIY patio covers look shoddy and fall apart after just a few years of use. That’s not the case when you hire a professional. A professionally-installed cover will look great and stand the test of time.

Instead of trying to install your patio cover by yourself, hire the team at ABC Awning Company. We work quickly to install beautiful patio covers in Houston, TX for all of our customers.

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