How Patio Covers Can Add More Space to Your Home

September 30, 2020

With most of the country staying home a lot more than normal thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are looking for ways to add livable space to their homes. Plus, more young people are living with their parents for longer periods of time, thanks to the uncertain economy and rising costs of living.

Whether it’s just getting a moment alone to enjoy your coffee or you want to enjoy your dinners al fresco, the benefits of patio covers in Houston, TX are appealing. Not only will you get more space, but you’ll increase your property value, too. Here’s why you should consider installing a patio cover:

  • Lets you enjoy the outdoors all year long: We’re used to dramatic storms and hot, humid weather here in Texas. Both make it difficult, if not impossible to enjoy the outdoors as much as you’d like—unless you have a quality patio cover. It’ll shield you from the heat and provide a covering in the rain, so as long as the temperature is bearable, you can use the patio all year long. It’s like having an extra room, which is perfect when you’re cooped up and need some alone time.
  • Adds more usable space to your home: Speaking of extra rooms, your home’s value depends on how much livable space you have. Adding a patio cover isn’t quite as valuable as adding on an extra room, but it does increase your livable space significantly. From entertaining to a cozy reading spot, you’ll appreciate the opportunity to spread out.
  • Protects outdoor furnishings from sun damage: Outdoor furniture is designed to stand up to intense sun, but if you’re not vigilant about covering the furniture when it’s not in use, it will fade, crack, peel or blister a lot faster than it might have otherwise. Not only are you increasing your livable space, but you can also protect your furnishing investment.
  • Makes your patio a multipurpose space: Parties, dining outdoors, morning coffee and a place to do messy arts and crafts—a covered patio is a multipurpose space for whatever you want to do. Instead of letting the kids paint or play with Play-Doh indoors, put down some newspaper and send them to your covered patio for craft time. You could project a movie on the side of your home and enjoy it from the covered space, or enjoy dinners outdoors without worrying about sunburn and melting food.
  • More space means a higher property value: Finally, when deciding whether you’ll install a patio cover in Houston, TX, remember that more usable space means a higher property value—depending on what kind of patio cover you choose, you could see an ROI of up to 500 people.

For custom, high-quality patio covers in Houston, TX, trust the pros at ABC Awning Company. We have years of experience creating and installing patio covers suited for any home or business. Reach out to us today to learn more and schedule your consultation—we look forward to working with you!

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