5 Ways to Utilize Your Patio this Fall

October 21, 2020

Just because summer is at an end doesn’t mean you need to stop enjoying your patio. With the right features—like a patio awning installation—you can enjoy this space all year round and maintain outdoor traditions regardless of the season. This is especially true in the milder Houston, TX climate, where autumn weather is more than bearable.

If you want to continue enjoying outdoor dining and conversation through fall, here are five patio ideas that can make this space a little more comfortable and accommodating.

  1. Warm it up: We mean this literally! Add features that help keep your outdoor spaces warm, like fire pits and propane heaters. A fire pit allows you to enjoy the ambience of a fire, and it’s great for gathering around with friends and family. Propane heaters come in hanging and tabletop versions to fit any space. Even a well-placed heat lamp or two can make a big difference in outdoor comfort.
  2. Add lighting: Fall presents the challenge of cooler days and nights, and shorter darker days. This can be a disincentive to enjoying your outdoor spaces. It only takes a few extra lights to make the space more inviting. You can buy solar lighting in an array of colors, sizes and placement options—or buy string lights to create a magical and festive environment. Fire pits and propane heaters can also bring in extra light when you need it, in addition to warmth. Two birds with one stone (light/heat)!
  3. Grow evergreen plants: Brown landscapes are demoralizing. You can brighten the space again by planting evergreens and other plants that remain green all year round. Flowering shrubs like evergreen azalea maintain bright leaf colors even when it is no longer their blooming season. You can also purchase plants that will bloom even in the latter months of the year. Maintain plants for different seasons in your flower beds. That way, you always have something in there that looks alive and ready to enjoy fall with you.
  4. Upgrade your furnishings: Sitting on uncomfortable plastic chairs will not make fall patio time delightful for anyone. Instead, upgrade to rattan or wicker with cushions. Add outdoor rugs to put some cushion under your step outdoors. Arrange everything around an ottoman and add a few small occasional tables to create a comfortable setting. Furnishings are integral to your comfort—especially during fall when the atmosphere outside is cozier.
  5. Add a cover: Now is a great time to consider patio awning installation. Covering your patio expands all these possibilities by protecting you from the elements. With heat, good furniture and a cover, you don’t just have a patio—you have an outdoor room! This expands your entertainment space and allows you to get fresh air even when the weather fails to cooperate, which it’s prone not to during fall.

If you’re looking for more patio tips or a patio awning installation contractor in Houston, TX, ABC Awning is here for you. We can install a patio, BBQ pit and even playground cover to keep your outdoor spaces enjoyable all year round. Call us today to set up an estimate and start enjoying these fall patio ideas.

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