The Many Benefits of a Remote-Controlled, Motorized Retractable Awning

November 6, 2020

If your home has a fabric awning, retracting it can be difficult. What happens when there’s a storm rolling into Houston, TX and you need to retract it quickly? Even when time isn’t of the essence, the effort to retract an awning can be enough to dissuade you from doing it. The solution? A remote-controlled, motorized awning.

Motorized retractable awnings and remote-controlled awnings are the simplest way to pack up your awning with little-to-no effort. Gone are the days of wrestling it back into its casing! But convenience isn’t the only reason to invest in a motorized awning. Here’s a look at a few more benefits you can look forward to.

  • Options: A motorized awning is all about options. You can bask in the sun when you desire it—then, when it’s time for shade, all you have to do is push a button. If a cloudy day makes an awning unnecessary, retract it and change your mind later if the sun peeks out. No matter the conditions, you can adjust your awning safely and quickly just by picking up the remote control.
  • Avoid damage: High winds and heavy rain can damage even the sturdiest awnings. If hail starts and you run inside, use the remote to retract your awning. It’s an instant way to avoid damage. Do the same if high winds pick up and threaten to blow your awning away. Some motorized awnings even contain sensors to automatically retract when winds reach a certain speed or the sun hides behind a building or cloud. If you do not have a motorized awning, it could take a beating when you face adverse weather.
  • UV protection: Many people enjoy open porches and the exposure to natural light that comes with them. However, 90 percent of visible skin changes are linked to excessive sun exposure. Without an awning, your outdoor enjoyment is limited on the brightest days. Install a motorized retractable awning to secure UV protection from the hot Houston, TX sun. Because awnings block up to 82 percent of harmful UV rays, they’re an investment in your health!
  • Reduce AC strain: Shading west-facing windows can reduce your electricity load by up to 77 percent. If your home is roasted by direct sunlight each day, that will make larger demands on your air conditioning system in summer. It won’t be long before you see a spike in your utility bills. But, if you shade your larger windows and patios with an awning, you reduce direct sun that will heat up your house. When that spot is no longer assaulted by bright light, you can let the light back in by retracting the awning remotely.
  • Expand entertainment space: When you cover a porch with an awning, you essentially add another room to your home. Many people take advantage of this by adding fire pits and outdoor kitchens, which turns your patio into the essential social space. Since most people prefer shade, the awning will make your patio inviting to everyone. And, when you feel the need to open it up even more, retraction is as easy as pressing a button.

ABC Awning Company wants to introduce you to the many benefits of motorized retractable awnings, so you can experience them for yourself! Contact us today for an estimate and to learn more about remote-controlled awning options.

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