Will a Carport Add Value to Your Property?

January 18, 2021

Even if you don’t think you’ll be selling anytime soon, it’s never a bad idea to improve your home’s resale value by making some upgrades around the house. One good way to boost your home’s overall value is by adding a carport garage in Houston, TX. Continue reading to learn more about adding a carport to your property.

Factors that affect the value

Unfortunately, simply constructing a carport doesn’t guarantee you’ll boost your property value. These are a few things that impact how much value it’ll add—or whether it will help at all:

  • Quality: Just like upgrading a kitchen, adding a carport won’t help your resale value if it’s not a high-quality improvement. Using low-quality materials will yield poor results and could even decrease your property value! Be sure you hire a contractor who only uses the best-looking and longest-lasting materials for carport construction.
  • Market: It’s important to know who your buyers might be before you automatically assume a carport will help. For example, if you live near a lake and construct a carport built for boat trailers, that can significantly boost your market value. But if your buyers don’t see the purpose of having a carport, they’re not going to pay extra for your home.
  • Legal concerns: Residential carport installation in Houston, TX might require special permitting. Neglecting to obtain proper permitting may lead to problems while you live at your home, but it’ll definitely come up when you decide to sell. Buyers could be hesitant to purchase your house if there’s an illegally-constructed carport on the property, which will only hurt you.
  • Long-term care: Whether you build it yourself or hire a pro for carport construction, you’ll need to maintain it over the years. Letting your metal carport get rusted or otherwise damaged will ruin its appearance and negatively impact your home’s value.

Why hire a pro to install your carport?

You can buy a carport kit online and install it yourself, but trust us when we say that’s a mistake! These are the top reasons to hire a professional to install a carport garage in Houston, TX:

  • Professional advice: Throwing up a carport anywhere on your property can be a mistake in the long run. Your carport installation contractor can provide expert insight into what future buyers may be looking for in both a carport’s style and its location on your property.
  • Durable materials: As mentioned above, carports must be made out of the best materials if you want them to add value to your home. Fortunately, that’s all professionals use. As long as you perform some basic maintenance, your carport should stand the test of time.
  • High-quality results: Since the pros use the best materials and know all of the correct installation methods, you can count on your carport to look great from day one through the day you sell.

Call us today to install your carport

Thanks to our competitive prices and fast installation times, nobody tops ABC Awning Company when it comes to residential carport installation in Houston, TX. Give us a call today to get a quote for your new carport!

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