How to Effectively Stop Carport Sweating

March 30, 2021

Do you have a carport or other metal structure on your property? While metal buildings generally require very little maintenance, in a humid climate like that of Houston, TX, carport sweating can be a big problem. Taking care of this issue as soon as you see it can save you from potential headaches in the future, including replacing the metal structure entirely. Read on to learn how to effectively stop a carport from sweating.

What is carport sweating?

It’s no secret that the climate in Houston, TX can get pretty humid throughout the year, and the excessive humidity in the atmosphere can lead to carport condensation. While you may not be bothered by a little bit of moisture building up on your metal structures, it can cause significant corrosion over time. To preserve the appearance and structural integrity of a metal carport, address the issue as soon as you see it, instead of ignoring it or putting it off for another time.

How can you stop carport sweating?

For residents of Houston, TX and the surrounding area, humidity and condensation are par for the course when it comes to atmospheric conditions. Luckily, you can prevent the effects of condensation from damaging the appearance or condition of your metal structures by taking the following steps:

  • Install insulation: When warm Texas air comes in contact with the cold metal of a carport or other metal structure, it creates condensation. Have an expert add insulation to the building, but be careful about the insulating material you use. Avoid fiberglass and blown insulation, since they’re both prone to growing mold when exposed to outside air. It’s best to use vinyl material as an insulation or vapor barrier—it won’t grow mold and will stand up to even the harshest outdoor elements.
  • Check the structure and the slab: You should inspect the metal structure carefully for any leaks or cracks, since they allow water and moisture to come through the roof. Even small leaks can allow large amounts of water to come in, creating optimal conditions for carport sweating. If you notice cracks or other damage to the structure, contact your local awning professionals to get them fixed right away. If you have a carport on a concrete slab, be sure to check the slab for cracks or damage. Moisture can work its way up through the cracks and into the space, dampening the walls and causing the carport to sweat.
  • Provide air circulation: Condensation builds when the air inside a building just sits and doesn’t circulate. If possible, consider setting up a fan to make sure air can circulate through the structure. You should make it a point to do this on days that are especially wet and humid.

Carport condensation can be a big problem for property owners in Houston, TX. If you notice condensation collecting on your carport or other metal structures, follow the steps above and get the opinion of an expert to get the issue under control. Contact ABC Awning Company to keep your carport and other metal structures on your property in excellent condition by developing a strategy to stop carport sweating and any other related problems.

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