Inexpensive Patio Shade Cover Ideas to Stay Cool

July 30, 2021

Do you want to make your backyard or patio usable for more of the year? Then it’s time to invest in shade structures. You can enhance an existing patio or pergola via a shade screen, or you can invest in a freestanding structure. Choose from a wide variety of materials from fabric and canvas to lattice and bamboo.

Read on to find out more about how to keep cool with inexpensive patio shading all summer long.


A traditional pergola adds shade without completely blocking the sun’s rays, providing a nice middle ground. The slats, usually made of wood, allow a bit of the sun’s warmth to permeate without being fully open.

Shade sails

Here’s an easy way to block the sun. Take a triangular-cut piece of fabric with holes punched into the corners. Then use rope or strong twine to attach the shade to the side of the house, poles or tree trunks. This is among the most inexpensive patio shading options around.

Roll-up screens

Motorized, retractable awnings are a great option that completely blocks the sun. But if you prefer to go DIY, then installing a roll-up shade that you can adjust yourself is another option.

Outdoor curtains

Add curtains to your pergola as a DIY way to provide more shade. This is a simple, affordable and stylish way to improve any outdoor space. Make sure to use weatherproof curtains if the material will be subject to the elements.

Extra-large umbrellas

Many patios have a table with a large umbrella, but you can add other umbrellas by any seating area. This is also a great choice, as you can move the umbrella around based on where the sun is and where people are sitting.

Tiki roofs

If you have a sense of style and flair, then a tiki roof is the way to go. It automatically creates a tropical vibe for your whole backyard.

Partial pergolas

Perhaps you don’t have the desire to build a full pergola. A partial pergola can provide shade for just a corner or small part of the patio. This is also a budget-friendly option.

Canopy of vines

If you have a green thumb, you may want to go for a canopy of vines, which can be a beautiful addition to your backyard. Having vibrant greenery all around is a great way to stay cool.

Custom canopies

You can construct a private oasis with these custom canopies. They both offer protection from the sun and ensure privacy from the neighbors.

Of course, you could always leave patio shading to the pros—you’ll get a higher quality result without any of the hassle.

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