Preparing Your Awning to Weather the Storm

September 27, 2021

With hurricane season in full swing, it’s important to properly prepare your awning if you haven’t already. Proper awning prep for natural disasters is essential, as it will protect your investment. A damaged awning can cost a lot to repair, and, in the meantime, you’ll have a tattered or dented awning ruining the look of your home or business. Read on for plenty of tips to prepare your awning for hurricanes.

How much damage can a normal awning take?

This depends on the type of awning you have. Fabric awnings, for example, usually can’t take much damage at all. A flying branch or other pieces of debris could easily leave a fabric awning in tatters. That’s why it’s usually best to go with a metal awning.

While fabric awnings look nice and provide shade, they are much weaker. This is especially a problem during hurricane season. Aluminum or metal awnings, on the other hand, are built to withstand the strong winds of hurricanes and other large storms. Metal awnings can also last up to five decades when properly taken care of.

Take care of any repairs

Check for any issues with your awning. These might include loose bolts, cracks in the concrete base and much more. Even the smallest crack in your awning can turn into a large one over time—and you don’t want any points of weakness in your awning during hurricane season.

Check with an awning expert in your area if you notice a crack or similar damage. Putting off repairs could lead to major damage and expensive repair bills. Additionally, cracked awnings are often unsightly and may deter potential customers from your business.

Choose the right kind of awning in the first place

There are several different design possibilities when it comes to metal awnings. Choosing the right design can help ensure that your property is properly protected against bad weather. For example, you may choose to reinforce your awning with extra posts or brackets if you live in an area with high winds.

It’s extremely important to work with the right awning dealer. You don’t want to work with a company that only offers subpar products. It’s also best to avoid suspiciously-cheap products. Be sure to work with an awning company that has years of experience and a trustworthy reputation. This is the only way to ensure quality products and installation.

An improperly-installed awning won’t last long, no matter what material it’s made from, which is why it’s usually best to leave it to the experts. Working with a good awning company will help save you plenty of time and energy when it comes to the installation process.

To prepare your awning for hurricanes, simply follow the tips above. Providing your awning with proper maintenance and repairs when necessary will help ensure better safety for your home or business. If you’re looking for the best awnings, check out ABC Awning Company. We offer a variety of great products and installation services.

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